Skin Medica Replenish Hydrating Cream


Soothe and nourish sensitive skin.

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APPROPRIATE FOR: All skin types
PURPOSE: Hydrates, refreshes and soothes

WHEN TO APPLY: Replenish Hydrating Cream should be applied twice daily in the morning and evening. Apply after cleansing, toning and treatment products, and before sunscreen in the a.m.
WHERE TO APPLY: Evenly over entire face (neck and chest if desired). May also be used to soften, smooth and hydrate hands.

Key Ingredients & Benefits:

Superoxide Dismutase → an antioxidant found naturally in the body, provides free radical defense
Vitamin E → an antioxidant superstar that helps defend against free radicals and helps support the skin’s natural moisture barrier
Bisabolol (Chamomile-derived agent) → a natural ingredient that helps calm and soothe skin
Green tea leaf extract → delivers rich antioxidant defense against free radical damage
Sodium Hyaluronate → helps skin retain moisture for a supple and youthful look
Vitamin C → an antioxidant that guards skin against free radicals and helps brighten skin

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