Post-Mohs Facial Reconstruction

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Why choose a Plastic Surgeon to treat skin cancer?

Dr. Michelle Sieffert is trained in diagnosis, removal and reconstruction of skin cancer. She provides a comprehensive approach to evaluation and management, and works closely with primary care physicians and dermatologists to achieve optimal results.

Why is Plastic Surgery Needed After Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is a procedure that removes certain skin cancers. Mohs surgery on the face can create large areas of skin and tissue loss that can cause disfiguring scars. Plastic surgeons are often able to assist in the repair of Mohs surgery defects, in order to achieve the best possible cosmetic result.

Why Choose Dr. Sieffert for Facial Reconstruction After Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery defects can affect the function of facial structures such as the lips, eyes, and nose. Reconstructing these defects takes a significant amount of skill. Dr. Sieffert has extensive experience taking care of patients who have undergone Mohs surgery.

Where are Mohs Reconstruction Procedures Performed?

Dr. Sieffert is often able to perform Mohs surgery reconstructions in the office under local anesthesia. For larger and more complex defects, she may use a surgery center.

How is a Mohs Reconstruction Performed?

Dr. Sieffert uses a number of techniques to reconstruct Mohs surgery defects. In some cases she will use a local flap, in which skin next to the defect is used for coverage. This technique involves a carefully placed incision to help move the skin over the defect. A skin graft may be used to cover the defect. When this is the case, the graft can be taken from the skin around the ear or at the base of the neck.

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