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Answers about Fat Transfer

(1) How would you define a fat transfer plastic surgery procedure to readers who don’t know what it is? Fat transfer is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure during which a person’s own fat is harvested though needles, or cannulas, then purified outside the body and re-injected into areas that need more volume. In essence, fat is…


“Volume” is the latest buzzword in plastic surgery!

Filling, roundness, softness, plumping are all desired goals within the latest volumetric philosophy that has permeated plastic surgical literature and discussions. In the past decade, a new generation of plastic surgeons has turned upside down the traditional thinking about aging, beauty and the aesthetic ideal. It used to be assumed that aging effects were due…


Painless Injections? Restylane-L and Juvederm XC have arrived!

Many men and women could enhance their appearance with fillers such as Restylane and Juvéderm; however, they shy away from these treatments because of the needle. At Donaldson Plastic Surgery in Columbus, Ohio this is less of a concern now because the latest generation of fillers has arrived! Several weeks ago, the company Allergan launched…