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Six Weeks Out and Patient Feels No Pain

After losing 35 lbs, Tamera turned to Dr. Donaldson to help her remove her “Mama Pudge”. “He did an amazing job”, she states. “I’m about six weeks out: no pain, the scar is tiny and thin, and I just can’t wait to keep having it heal and to be able to go to Hawaii later on this year!”


Dr. Donaldson Helps Patient who, for 30 Years, has Wanted to Correct Scars Left from C-Section

Dr. Donaldson helps a patient who, for 30 years, has wanted to correct scars left from C-Section

Giving birth to twins 30 years ago, patient was left with a large vertical C-Section scar that she always told herself she would someday fix. With the help of Dr. Donaldson, patient made the very personal decision to have the procedure. Months after the surgery, patient states, “I’m completely happy that I did it. I’ve been wanting it done for a long time. And even just one month after their surgery, I look down and I see something that is recognizable to me from before I had my kids.”


Dr. Donaldson patient is “feeling really sexy and good for the first time in a very long time!”

patient is feeling really sexy for the first time

Patient describes her relationship with her body as a negative one. She states that she has never been very comfortable in bathing suits or being naked, and finally decided to do something about it. She describes her experience with Dr. Donaldson as easy and comfortable. “I’ve been amazed at how easy the recovery has been. Now I’m happy as can be! I’m feeling really sexy and good for the first time in a very long time!” she states.


Breast Augmentation and Abdominoplasty Patient Finally Gains the Confidence She Had Prior to Having Kids

Breast Augmentation and Abdominoplasty Patient Finally Gains the Confidence She Had Prior to Having 3 Children

Mother of three experiences the toll childbirth can have on a small framed body. Her once physically fit body didn’t look as it used to and it started to affect her confidence. Referred by a friend, patient describes Dr. Donalds as easy to get along with and experienced. Four weeks following the procedure and patient states, “I feel like that confidence is almost back to where it used to be”.


Mommy Makeover Patient is No Longer Self Conscious

Confident Mommy Makeover Patient Columbus, OH Donaldson Plastic Surgery

This patient lost her breast and belly tone after having babies. Despite exercise, and even after running a marathon, her body didn’t give her confidence. She was referred to Dr. Donaldson’s practice by her sister, and immediately felt at home. She now loves her mommy makeover!


Plastic Surgery After C-Section = Mommy Makeover

patient testimonial for mommy makeover after 3 c-sections at Donaldson Plastic Surgery in Columbus, OH

This patient had three pregnancies and deliveries via c-section. She lost dramatic breast size during this process, and was left with loose skin on her belly and extra fat around her flanks. After thorough research, she decided Dr. Donaldson was the best plastic surgeon in Columbus to meet her needs. Now she’s had her mommy makeover and feels great!


Mommy Makeover Patient is Delighted

Columbus, Ohio Mommy Makeover Patient is Delighted

Dr. Donaldson’s patient used to avoid looking in the mirror, but not anymore! She had breast and abdominal surgery with Dr. Donaldson, and she is thrilled with her new look and feel. Her family is happy for her too!


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