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Dr. Donaldson patient is “feeling really sexy and good for the first time in a very long time!”

patient is feeling really sexy for the first time

Patient describes her relationship with her body as a negative one. She states that she has never been very comfortable in bathing suits or being naked, and finally decided to do something about it. She describes her experience with Dr. Donaldson as easy and comfortable. “I’ve been amazed at how easy the recovery has been. Now I’m happy as can be! I’m feeling really sexy and good for the first time in a very long time!” she states.


Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation During Hernia Surgery

tummy tuck and breast augmentation during hernia surgery in Columbus, OH at Donaldson Plastic Surgery

“I’m one of Dr. Donaldson’s patients. He is a great surgeon. He performed a tummy tuck. I also had a hernia repair and a breast augmentation. I feel extremely beautiful. He has done a wonderful job. My husband is just ecstatic in regard to all of the repairs I’ve done to my body. The staff…


Getting Your Stomach in Top Shape for the Summer

Bikinis, tank tops, low-cut jeans and shorts are coming out of storage during warm weather, which means belly buttons across the world are coming into view. Many summer fashions feature the navel… Great if it’s cute, not great if it’s ugly! Perhaps you are fortunate to have a navel that is small, vertically-oriented, slightly tapered…


Fat removal and liposuction in Columbus, Ohio

It seems that every month a new type of liposuction hits the market –for example, Vaser. Columbus, Ohio, liposuction patients may choose among traditional suction, ultrasonic, laser, power-assisted and many variations and combinations of these technologies. While marketing hypes new products, and enthusiasm builds for the latest brands, it is still the plastic surgeon who…