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Male Chest Surgery Patient Feels Very Confident

Columbus, Ohio Male Breast Reduction Patient Feels Very Confident - Donaldson Plastic Surgery

This patient has dramatically increased his confidence since having surgery. He is now comfortable taking his shirt off at the pool, and he even took a Caribbean cruise recently without worrying about his chest. He encourages men who might otherwise be embarrassed to have go ahead and have surgery with Dr. Donaldson.


Great Body Contouring Results After Weight Loss and Trauma

After extensive weight loss and recovering from trauma, this patient had extra skin and body contouring needs. He researched plastic surgeons and determined that Dr. Donaldson was the best. Now he is nearly three months past his plastic surgical procedures and thrilled with his outcome.


Gynecomastia Treatment: Columbus, OH Competitive Athlete

I had gynecomastia surgery and I did a lot of research on Dr. Donaldson and various surgeons across the country. A lot of them focus on women, and not a lot of them really have a lot of information about men and the aspects that we go through. I’m a competitive athlete and I spend…


More and More Men Using Plastic Surgery to Enhance Their Looks

More men are seeking plastic surgery. In Columbus, Ohio, male breast reduction, Botox, fillers and liposuction are common. Last week, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on this trend among men: (plastic surgery for men article). At Donaldson Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson offers men a variety of cosmetic procedures that enhance more masculine features: a stronger…