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Donaldson Plastic Surgery Launches New Website

October 1, 2015

Staff Photo - Donaldson Plastic SurgeryDonaldson Plastic Surgery announces the launch of a new website that better conveys the essence of the Columbus, Ohio-based practice. With updated design, photos, videos, and layout, patients will find the site more attractive and user-friendly. But beyond the aesthetic changes, the website also tells a much clearer story. As explained by the brand’s new patient-ambassadors in a series of short videos, cosmetic surgery is an extremely personal choice and experience. Dr. Donaldson and his staff hope that these real patient stories will inspire confidence in other women and men to write and pursue their own stories!

The homepage of the new website reiterates Dr. Donaldson’s beliefs about helping women gain more confidence through a video manifesto. This minute-long tribute to the mission and vision of Donaldson Plastic Surgery highlights independence, wellness and natural beauty.

The new layout of the site echoes the manifesto, with header photos that celebrate inner beauty, a fresh and artistic logo, and a streamlined homepage that works efficiently for the viewer. There are no gimmicks or flashy elements to distract potential patients from the candid testimonials and the working knowledge that will help determine whether they resonate with Donaldson Plastic Surgery.

The launch of the new website signals the beginning of a clearer understanding of what cosmetic surgery can mean: confidence, defying expectations of age, and achieving the best version of oneself.

*Earned by Dr. Donaldson