“I Made the Right Choice,” Says Breast Augmentation Patient in Columbus, Ohio

Well, hi! My experience started five years ago when I fed my first child for nine months, and I looked so different than before. So, I decided to go and research some doctors. I went to five different ones, including my sister’s plastic surgeon in Puerto Rico. He’s top five there. They all hit the same basic stuff, but I decided to go with Dr. Donaldson because, I don’t know, he showed me the best — he made me feel confident like, “We can do this. You’re going to look great.” Plus, I never thought the results would be what they are, but they’re even better than what I thought. I made the right choice. My husband went with me. We came here three times, with my mom, with my husband, and they all said, “Yeah, we gotta go with him.” It was a no brainer. I definitely recommend Dr. Donaldson.

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