“It’s Like Joining A Family”, Describes Patient About Her Experience with Donaldson & Staff

My name is Renee Rosco. I lost a lot of weight, a lot of loose baggage, per se, and hated to wear anything tight. I was wearing all the loose clothing, so decided to get it fixed. I came and saw Dr. Donaldson. It was like joining a family. They gave me their personal phone numbers if I had any complications and I did have complications. I actually ended up in the hospital right after my surgery. And people say, “knowing now what you know, would you still do it?” I definitely would. It was a life-changing experience for me. They were all there for me. Bobby, one of the nurses on the staff, (I call her Dr. Donaldson’s r

ight hand), she was so personal with me. We’re still friends to this day. I could call her anytime I wanted and she was right there for me. The complications only set me back a couple of weeks. I would definitely, definitely do it again. I have so much more confidence. When I go out, all smiles on my face. I don’t feel like I have to hide in the corner anymore. I’m so much more active in my lifestyle. It pushes you to your ultimate limit, so I highly recommend it. I still see more improvements.  I’m about seven months out from my surgery and every month that goes by is just lifting. So, if you’re thinking about it, definitely come out and check out the facility, the doctors, the nurses. It’s like joining a family – is not a clinic to me. 

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