The Fall Laser Special is BACK!

Get A Complimentary BBL Treatment With Purchase Of A Halo - And More!


Fall in love with the best laser combination on the market: Halo and BBL. From September through November, when you purchase a Halo treatment, you’ll get a BBL (broadband light) treatment in the same area complimentary, along with all the products you need for before and after treatment AND a facial to boost your results!

Right Now Is The Best Time To Get These Treatments

We want you to get your laser treatments at the safest, most effective time of year. That’s why we are offering this limited-time laser offer during the fall to get you optimal, gorgeous results!

We’re Laser-Focused On Your Results

We understand that undergoing a laser treatment is an investment. Minimal downtime still takes time and savings from the special still costs money. That’s why we want to make sure you will maintain your laser glow for as long as possible.

So, how can you prolong your results you may ask? Products & maintenance!

Introducing Our Advanced Laser Care Skincare Kit 

We have revamped our post-treatment skincare kit from the ground up! This year, you’ll get full-size products that will ease post-laser sensitivity, protect against damage, and maximize results- all included within the cost of your treatment.

Your skin care kit includes 5 products ($390 value) hand-picked by our medical aestheticians, Tatjana & Nikki. You’ll get the perfect cleanser, long-lasting SPF, soothing moisturizer, recovery balm, and solutions specifically designed for laser patients.


Following your laser with this product combination is an absolute game-changer for your skin!

Skin Nectar: Prepping Your Skin For Success 

Start taking steps toward flawless skin before your laser treatment. As soon as you schedule your appointment, you can pick up our newest star product, the Regenerating Skin Nectar, and begin using it 2 weeks prior to your laser appointment. This product was specifically formulated to complement skin rejuvenating procedures like lasers. It has been proven to reduce healing time and enhance your results!

Your Complimentary Post-Laser Facial With Nikki

Your face is likely to feel dry as you heal from your laser, but not to worry, Nikki will treat you to a complimentary facial 7-10 days after your laser! During the time between your treatment and your facial, you’ll notice MENDs start to form on the surface of your skin. MENDs are essentially the deep damage coming up to the surface of your skin and will ultimately flake off on their own. Nikki will properly exfoliate your skin during your post-laser facial to remove these MENDs.

Why Are Laser Results Different?


You can’t get laser results with just skincare. Laser skin treatments are science-backed and proven to reverse the signs of aging. Our BBL laser, for example, has been studied and proven to restore gene expression patterns in aged skin to resemble the traits of young skin. Lasers can be used correctively and preventatively as well, because, let’s face it, we all have sun damage.

We have a laser for nearly everything. You could see a change with fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, brown spots, unwanted pigmentation or freckles, texture, dullness, or acne scars.


Now Is The Most Ideal Time To Get A Laser Treatment! 

The fall laser special is the perfect opportunity to try our Halo & BBL lasers! You’ll see results that only a laser can produce. Book your consultation with Paige, Adrienne, or Stacie today by calling (614)-442-7610.

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