Restore Your Feminine Confidence with diVa


Donaldson Plastic Surgery is so happy to offer diVa feminine rejuvenation treatment. Women who wish to relive their youth, take back control of their body, or revitalize their intimacy are encouraged to consider this quick, in-office laser procedure. With diVa, no sedation or surgery is required. Therefore, no downtime follows this treatment.

  • Get right and tight as your pre-baby days with improved lubrication. Revive your youthful confidence and wellness with rejuvenation treatment.
  • Tighten for confidence, control, and pleasure with diVa feminine rejuvenation. Obliterate the lackluster results of childbirth and menopause with this anti-aging revitalization of your intimate health.
  • Say goodbye to dryness with enhanced sensation and improved lubrication. Reclaim control of your intimate health with feminine rejuvenation you deserve.
  • Leave your bladder sling at home, or better yet in the trash bin. With anti-aging feminine rejuvenation, reclaim control of your body now. Don’t let urinary incontinence steal another day of laughter.
  • Let love in like never before with enhanced sensation, improved lubrication, and treatment for dryness. Feminine rejuvenation will have you feeling 21 again—young and free and intimately satisfied.

Women often wonder whether they will ever revitalize their intimate health. With diVa feminine treatment, everything you dream to rediscover is now possible, from improved lubrication to enhanced sensation to tightening for confidence, control, and pleasure. Don’t spend another day hiding your intimate needs and femininity. Schedule your personal consultation today.

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