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Columbus CEO – Guest Blog: When Refusing a Sale Might Help Your Bottom Line

March 23, 2016

Dr. Donaldson’s guest blog was featured on Columbus CEO. The following is an excerpt – Click here to read full blog

Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson Columbus CEO - Donaldson Plastic Surgery

By Jeffrey Donaldson, MD

Posted by Julie France on March 16, 2016

Any industry that is built upon reputation and personalized results must refuse certain sales opportunities in order to preserve its standards. The cosmetic surgery industry’s intersection between healthcare and retail is unique: It requires being a doctor first, a surgeon second and a businessman last to optimize patient outcomes. In the field, patient needs trump profits absolutely every time, but the emphasis on quality and consumer experience is broadly relatable among other fields. Overall, the key is having a process to follow when determining whether or not to say “no.”

Below are a few tips that can help determine when and how to turn away business professionally in the cosmetic surgery industry—with broad applications in any field:

Screen prospective clients and customers: 

An ideal cosmetic surgery patient is a happy, healthy, well-balanced individual who is looking to feel like their best self. This person has good self-esteem, realistic expectations and understands that a customized procedure will address an anatomic concern. He or she has the sophistication to research options, the wherewithal to take action and the perspective to enjoy the result.  Medical risk, emotional health and maturity are important factors that come into play when assessing a prospective patient. A competent surgeon and staff also look for cues to determine motives and expectations. Are they realistic? Is anyone else involved in the decision? How long have they been weighing their options? Outside of the healthcare sector, reputation and ethical standards are also important to business, and so each customer might be screened by similar methods.

Have a thoughtful approach: 

Plastic surgery is an industry built on trust. Patients need to feel comfortable in order to have a rewarding experience. A patient’s safety should always come first. In this industry, there are non-negotiable patient criteria that ensure safety thresholds and ethical norms. These should be clear to all employees. For instance, the body-mass index should be low, smoking is prohibited and the patient must treat each staff member with respect. Owners of other businesses may want to think about establishing checklists or basic guidelines for employees to interpret and react to certain situations……Read Full Blog

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