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Traveled from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio for Breast Augmentation

January 30, 2014

So I had been thinking about breast augmentation for close to ten years.  I was always hesitant, a little nervous, and finally got to the point in my life where I’m like, “Why not do it now?” So, I went online, researched, and actually found incredible reviews online for Dr. Donaldson. So I drove out here from Chicago, checked him out, and was unbelievably impressed with the staff, with Dr. Donaldson and his professionalism, his nurses — everyone was amazing.  A couple weeks later, I came out here, got my breast augmentation, and I’ve loved it ever since.  It’s been a great experience — to the point where I’ve actually convinced some friends to do it! Everyone’s really happy with his work.  I’m over the moon about it, and his entire team is really, really great.

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