Jill Hawkins, Our Aesthetic Experience Director, Featured On AmSpa’s Medical Spa Insider Podcast

In this latest episode, the American Med Spa Association’s membership relationship development specialist Michela Bailey sits down with our very own Jill Hawkins for an in-depth conversation about the importance of a dedicated skincare routine, who inspires her on social media, her own personal journey from salon to medspa and more.

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Getting In On The Ground Floor With Pioneers In The Cosmetology World

Jill Hawkins

“When I was in high school, I was thinking about ‘what’s next.’ Even though I was a good student and enjoyed certain aspects of school, I just really couldn’t imagine 4 to 8 more years of formal schooling. I started looking into more trade schooling and found cosmetology. I decided I would go to the Aveda Institute in Columbus, OH. By the time I was 18, I was licensed and had my career started. I was just running with it!”

How Covid Sparked A Stark, Surprising & Ultimately Rewarding Transition 

“I worked at Aveda for about 12 years. I never thought I could love a career as much. It seemed devastating at the time but turned out to be hugely impactful in a positive way in my life. With Covid, my job got eliminated with the shutdowns. Everyone was so insecure and unsure about what the future would look like – including me. With luck and a connection I had made through the Aveda world, I was able to join the team Donaldson Plastic Surgery and grow their medspa. It was shocking that I lost my job, but it really ended up being a blessing to be invited onto the team.”

“The most important similarity [between the beauty and medspa industries] is the fact that our jobs and the way we spend our time is all about inspiring confidence in people. It’s not about vanity. It goes beyond that.”

Jill Hawkins

Self-Care Is Critical For The “Insiders,” Too!

“We work in the medspa industry, so sometimes we end up being the last to treat ourselves because we are so inundated with that lifestyle. What we are experiencing is everyone else getting what they need and us making sure they’re getting their self-care in. Let’s focus on making sure I can get in the spa; I can get a facial or I can get a massage.” 

There’s More Power In Coordination Than Competition

“I follow a lot of local people to Ohio on my Instagram and I just love the idea of supporting each other. I want to get rid of the ‘competition’ idea. I would like to get a group of people together locally and just work together to create a better experience for our patients. I’m a huge believer in empowering the women around you. There are people around us doing it so well; I just want to applaud them and be one of their biggest fans.” 

“What is beauty? It is confidence. It starts with ‘I’m confident. I feel good in my own skin. I’m going to show up and I’m going to feel great about myself.’ That’s when beauty shows up. I’m in the confidence industry.” 

-Jill Hawkins

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Donaldson Plastic Surgery is the First to Offer CoolSculpting Elite in Columbus, Ohio

Donaldson Plastic Surgery recently appeared on Good Day Marketplace on local news station Fox 28 to announce the arrival of CoolSculpting Elite — the most advanced CoolSculpting technology yet. We are proud to announce that we are the first practice in the Columbus, OH area to offer CoolSculpting Elite!

CoolSculpting expert Adrienne Yanich of Donaldson Plastic Surgery met up with Fox 28’s Cameron Fontana to talk about CoolSculpting Elite and to show him a live demonstration of this newest fat-freezing device in action.

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CoolSculpting Elite Treatment on Fox 28

You know, there is a silver lining to those freezing cold temperatures outside, and that is those same temperatures can actually help freeze fat away. And that’s the technology we’re talking about today at Donaldson Plastic Surgery who will tell us all about it. Adrienne, good to see you again! Good to see you! So, you have a new piece of tech that isn’t really available at a lot of other places, talk about that. We actually have CoolSculpting Elite now, we are the first practice in Columbus to have that technology, and it is a better way to freeze off fat on some of those unwanted areas. So, for people that don’t know, or maybe they heard the words CoolSculpting, what does that mean? It’s a way to spot treat fat cells that don’t seem to budge with other dieting exercise techniques, so we’re going to go in and see Katie here shortly, and she’s actually spot treating some parts of her abdomen and eight weeks you’ll see less of her. So Adrienne, who is a good candidate to get CoolSculpting Elite done? Really, it’s meant for the person who has those stubborn areas that just don’t seem to go away with diet and exercise. Often these areas are your flanks, the inner thigh, the lower abdomen, really just can’t get them to budge and they just want to kind of spot treat and reduce those. So we can see how it works? We can, let’s go!

CoolSculpting Elite Columbus Ohio

Brand New Fat Freezing Technology

So Katie is with us today, and she’s having a CoolSculpting treatment and we’re actually dual-sculpting Katie using two applicators, which is a really interesting thing about our new device. It speeds up our treatment time by a lot. So I’m so interested in this, what is happening under that sheet in her body to where the fat is going away? Well, it’s actually a science called cryolipolysis, which is the destruction of fat cells with cold, and over the next 6 to 8 weeks, those fat cells will be eliminated by the body and will reduce that area by about 20 to 25%. That’s incredible. Katie, does it feel OK? It feels great!

So this is a new technology. Again, only one of its kind in the area. What’s the biggest differences between this and what the old tech was? Well, we’re actually the first in the area to have this technology, and I can actually show you this applicator cup is going to pull in about 18% more tissue than the older model. And with the two applicators, we’re treating so much more fat so much more efficiently. And what should people do after they get this done? And what’s the time frame they can see results? We actually have them come back about 8 to 12 weeks after their treatment for follow up, and as long as they’re following a healthy lifestyle and maintaining their diet, they’ll maintain their results forever. That is awesome.

Freeze Fat Away Forever

Now Is The Perfect Time for Non-Surgical Fat Removal!

I know a lot of people are watching right now going, “you know what, swimsuit season is just around the corner.” How can they jump on the table like Katie and get this done? Give us a call! We’ll go ahead and bring you in for a consultation. You’ll see our CoolSculpting expert for an initial consultation, and we’ll get a package set up for you. Awesome, so what’s the website people can go to and where you located? The website is going to be donaldsonplasticsurgery.com, and we’re located in Historic Dublin at 92 N. High St, just above the Avenue Steak Tavern. Perfect! Adrienne, Katie, thank you so much for letting us come out and see this today. That is really neat!

Ready to Freeze Fat Away Permanently?

The best way to learn more about CoolSculpting Elite is by setting up a consultation with our CoolSculpting experts, Adrienne and Stacie. They will craft a personalized treatment plan to determine how we can help you reach your desired fat reduction goals!

It’s time to leave those love handles behind! Call us today to set up your personalized CoolSculpting consultation or ask us more about CoolSculpting Elite.

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Lead Medical Aesthetician, Tatjana introduces her new line of skin care on Good Day Marketplace. This skin care line is meant to complement the products that are already offered at Donaldson Plastic Surgery, along with some specific key products to add to your current skin care routine.

Tatjana discusses microblading treatment for brows on Good Day Marketplace.

Donaldson Plastic Surgery was named on the 2018 Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s fastest growing private companies. The Inc. 5000 list is ranked according to the percentage revenue growth over a three year period. A total of 36 Central Ohio companies made the list this year, and Donaldson Plastic Surgery was ranked 4,202 out of 5,000 companies, growing 81% throughout the last 3 years.

The Inc. 5000 is a list of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation. Started in 1982, this prestigious list has become the hallmark of entrepreneurial success.

The following is an excerpt from BizJournal’s article “Columbus region puts 36 fast-growing companies on the Inc. 5000″– Click here to read full article

This year’s Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies includes 36 businesses in the Columbus region.

The annual ranking by Inc. magazine pegged Westerville IT staffing firm Central Point Partners LLC as the fastest-growing in Central Ohio, with a three-year revenue growth rate of 1,956 percent to reach $2.1 million last year.

That was second in Ohio only to the Cincinnati-area pet supplies retailer Trupet LLC.

Two other Central Ohio companies had three-year growth rates over 1,000 percent: Columbus software developer T-Pro Solutions, at 1,478 percent, and Columbus advertising firm Tenfold LLC, at 1,347 percent.

Tenfold founder Rachel Friedman is being honored as one of Central Ohio’s most-admired executives this year as part of our annual C-Suite Awards. Tenfold also won big at the 2017 ADDYs…..Read Full Article


Donaldson Plastic Surgery has been recognized as one of Central Ohio’s fastest growing companies, making Columbus Business First’s 2018 Fast 50 list.

The following is an excerpt from BizJournal’s article “The 2018 Fast 50: Here are Central Ohio’s fastest-growing companies″– Click here to read full article.

The economy is on a roll, and that has many local companies posting some impressive growth numbers.

For Columbus Business First’s 2018 Fast 50, we found nine companies that have doubled their revenue each of the past three years, including one with an impressive three-year growth rate averaging more than 600 percent.

You can see the companies on this year’s Fast 50 listed alphabetically below.

We’ll reveal their rankings and growth rates at an awards luncheon on Wednesday, Oct. 17, at the Hilton Columbus Downtown, followed by stories online and in print. You can find more information on tickets to the event here.

This year marks the 23rd anniversary of Columbus Business First’s Fast 50 Awards, which honor the region’s fastest-growing private companies. To be eligible, companies have to be for-profit and privately held, averaging at least $1 million in revenue for the past three years….. Read Full Article

Adrienne is featured on Good Day Marketplace discussing Coolsculpting to help get ready for bathing suit weather.


Lead Medical Aesthetician, Tatjana Dzamov, was featured on Good Day Marketplace to discuss Aquagold treatment. Similar to micro-needling, this micro channeling device is used with a cocktail of botox, Restylane, CBD oil, B12, and peptides. It helps to treat symptoms such as redness, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, and hyper-pigmentation due to sun damage. This treatment lasts for about 2-3 months. For best results, we recommend 4 treatments, 4 weeks apart.

Donaldson Plastic Surgery was named on the Corporate Citizenship: Largest In-Kind Donations to Central Ohio Organizations list from Columbus Business First for the 2018 year.

The Corporate Citizenship: Largest In-Kind Donations list is ranked according to the value of businesses’ in-kind contributions to organizations in the Columbus area – these contributions are measured in the donations of goods and services rather than cash. A total of 98 Central Ohio companies made the list this year. Donaldson Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Solutions was ranked 73rd, contributing goods and services equal to a total value of $5,000, in addition to their cash donations of $5,000, to organizations in the Central Ohio area.

The Corporate Citizenship: Largest In-Kind Donations to Central Ohio Organizations list honors those companies whose philanthropic efforts make the Columbus community a better place. In 2011, Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson established DPS Cares as a philanthropic extension of his successful plastic surgery practice in Columbus, Ohio. DPS Cares gives back to the local community by supporting organizations that are important to their patients and staff.

You can view Columbus Business First’s Corporate Citizenship: Largest In-Kind Donations to Central Ohio Organizations List here.

After medical school and eight additional years of surgical training, Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson is ready to start his first practice. In plastic surgery. One of the specialties suffering most acutely from the nation’s anemic discretionary spending.

Now completing a fellowship in plastic surgery of the eye in Atlanta, the Upper Arlington native plans to open a Columbus-area office in February. That would have sounded great last winter, when trade groups were reporting yet another blockbuster year for cosmetic procedures in a largely cash-only business that lacks the hassles of insurance reimbursements.

This year, surgeons are seeing a decline in elective cosmetic procedures as patients opt for just a tummy tuck instead of adding breast augmentation, or choose Botox over a face-lift. Eye surgeons, meanwhile, are reporting a decline in laser vision correction, another procedure not usually covered by insurance.
“By starting a practice, I’m also starting a small business,” Donaldson said. “This is not the perfect circumstances in which to do that.”

Donaldson’s game plan will be to rely at first on insured procedures, such as reconstructive surgery following cancer or an accident. Many new plastic surgeons start out that way and gradually build the cosmetic side of the practice through word of mouth, he said. Donaldson hopes to be no different, but – mindful of the economy – he won’t try to build too fast.

According to a survey by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, three of five doctors have seen a decline in cosmetic procedures this year. The survey said the Midwest is the least-affected region, which may explain why Donaldson is willing to dive into the market and established practices say they’re doing fine.

“It is absolutely being seen locally. (But) my situation is a little different,” said Dr. Stephen Smith, a facial plastic surgeon who joined Ohio State University this year with a goal of emphasizing cosmetic procedures alongside reconstructive work.

Smith said the declines are more often at practices that were already at capacity and not accepting new patients. Since his practice is new, he’s seeing some growth.

“It’s probably growing slower than it would have otherwise,” he said. “It’s a concern for all of us.”

Consumers logging into Realself.com, a Web site dedicated to cosmetic procedures, are spending more time researching and are looking more often into less-invasive options, said CEO Tom Seery.

“Certainly there’s been a substantial shift in consumer demand,” he said.

Luxury item

Even surgeries covered by insurance are affected because patients are losing coverage or face higher co-payments, Smith said. Patients have expressed economic concerns during consultations, he said.

“I tell them I’m not going anywhere. This isn’t something that has to be done today,” he said.
The Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery has steady volume, in part because Dr. Bivik Shah operates in his own surgery center, which has lower facility costs than a hospital, said practice administrator Mary Beth Smith. It’s unclear what growth would have been without the economic crisis, she said.

“They may have a list of three or four items, but they pick the one that’s bothering them the most,” she said. “Everybody’s seen the decline. We are considered a luxury item.”
Columbus Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery is on track for at least 15 percent growth this year, practice member Dr. John Wakelin said. Patients at times are opting for one procedure instead of two, he said, but the downturn hasn’t hurt.

“My revenue is up significantly from last year,” said Dr. Carol Clinton of Timeless Skin Solutions LLC in Dublin.
Clinton isn’t a surgeon and specializes in surface skin treatments such as injections and lasers, which more people are choosing. In the down economy, established patients are stretching time between treatments by a few weeks, she said.

Lasik down

The downturn in vision correction surgery is seen most starkly in the results for publicly traded LCA-Vision Inc. The Cincinnati-based chain, which operates a LasikPlus Vision Center at Easton, saw a 50 percent drop in revenue to $37 million in the third quarter, resulting in a $5 million loss. Through the first nine months, procedures are down 37 percent.

“Interest in elective procedures, especially things like lasik, have always trended along the line of the consumer confidence index,” said Dr. Curtin Kelley, director of refractive surgery for Arena Eye Surgeons in Columbus.

Kelley’s lasik volume is down about 15 percent from last year, he said, but overall business is doing fine. Several patients are migrating to implantable lenses, which can be more expensive.

“The demand is still there,” Kelley said. “If it’s not affordable now, they wait till next year.”

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