Provider Performing CoolTone Treatment

We like to tell our patients that a single CoolTone cycle is the equivalent of doing a lot of crunches in one sitting. So many crunches, in fact, that you can see results after just one appointment. This unique treatment actually strengthens your muscles, so not only do you see the results, but you can experience them in the gym when you do abdominal exercises.

Looking to get a more sculpted and toned look but can’t quite get there through diet and exercise alone? This could be the non-surgical body contouring solution you’ve been looking for. Learn more about what CoolTone looks like through the eyes of a Donaldson Plastic Surgery patient! 

CoolTone, From A Patient’s Perspective 

I’d Always Been Thin But Never “Toned.”

It felt like my body was naturally opposed to having a defined stomach. Even at my peak of health – exercising for two hours a day and eating balanced meals – my stomach never got to where I wanted it to be. My arms, legs, and back muscles would get stronger and more defined, but there was something about my stomach that was resilient against my efforts. I hadn’t been to the gym in a while, but I wanted to start prioritizing my health again.

Knowing how hard it is to achieve my abdominal goals, I felt discouraged even going back to the gym.

Here Were My Goals:

Yes, seeing results right away would be cool, but it was also going to motivate me. I wanted to be reassured that abdominal results would even be possible for my body! My birthday was also coming up in a few weeks, so I unintentionally set a goal to see what results I could get by the time I turned 24.

How It Started: An Accidental Consultation At Donaldson Plastic Surgery

I never really meant to learn about Cooltone, but I’m so glad I did! I was in the office getting lip filler when I found out that there was a treatment that could help with a long-time insecurity of mine. I didn’t have to have surgery, it wasn’t going to hurt, and I would see quick results. It almost seemed too good to be true. I trusted the insight of the nurse who performs my injectables though. She was upfront and honest. Even though I was skeptical about Cooltone, her recommendation sold me on it.

I had previously seen information about CoolSculpting on the practice’s Instagram, which I thought might be an option for me. I talked with my injector about it, and she told me about the differences between CoolTone and CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting Icon

CoolTone Is Not CoolSculpting

CoolTone and CoolSculpting sound the same, but they are quite different. CoolSculpting freezes away fat, while CoolTone strengthens and tones your muscles (no freezing involved).

We did an impromptu consultation during my filler appointment to see which I’d be a better candidate for. Since I didn’t have that much belly fat, she recommended I try CoolTone to get the results I was wanting.

What Does CoolTone Feel Like?

If you watch a video of a CoolTone treatment, it looks kind of scary. Manually working out your ab muscles to the point of seeing definition after one treatment seems like a lot. How can I see results without this hurting? I’m not sure why it doesn’t hurt, but it just doesn’t! It feels weird at first, but I fell asleep during almost every treatment. It was a really calm environment.

Here’s How Each Stage Of My CoolTone Experience Went

The First Treatment – 35 Minutes

What I wore:

Leggings and a t-shirt. The CoolTone applicator should be applied over a thin fabric on top of the treatment area.

How it’s set up:

My nurse placed the paddle on my stomach and then secured it with a Velcro strap. The machine’s power is measured as a percent. She explained that the goal was not to get to 100% power and that I probably wouldn’t get to 100% during the series. During my first treatment, I made it to about 55% power.

Cooltone Machine
What the machine does:

The treatment includes two different sensations which are tapping and contractions. Once the machine was on, it takes a while before it starts contracting the muscles.

What the tapping felt like:

Cooltone starts by tapping on the muscles which is painless. The tapping breaks up lactic acid that builds up after exercise, so you don’t get sore. (They really thought of everything.)

What Cooltone contractions feel like:

The contractions are when the actual strengthening starts. The treatment is not supposed to hurt, but it is essentially a cramp. It feels like your muscles are being gently tugged and then squeezed. It’s weird, but they start you at a low setting. Once you’re used to it, you’ll want to turn it up more and more. The squeezing lasts for a couple of seconds and then there are a couple of seconds of tapping, then back to squeezing. This goes on for about 25 minutes.

After The First Treatment

There was no residual discomfort or downtime. The difference I saw after my first treatment was the imprint of the CoolTone paddle on my tummy, but I still had five more appointments to go. Nonetheless, I was still so excited to be doing this. I went to the gym that night feeling stronger. Was that in my head? Mostly yes, but I felt motivated to work harder in the gym. Essentially, I had already achieved one of my goals!

The Rest Of The Treatments

By the second treatment, I was a Cooltone pro. I was able to tolerate more machine power during each session that followed. I could really start to see differences after about my third treatment. It was crazy how I could see changes in just 20 minutes.

My Final Treatment

During my last treatment, I made it to about 85% power on the Cooltone machine. Considering I started with hardly any abdominal strength, I thought this was pretty good. After my last treatment, I looked in the mirror and was excited about my results. I could see more definition!

My Actual CoolTone Results

After six treatments, I definitely saw a difference. It tightened and toned my stomach. Do I have six-pack abs? No. But that’s not what it was supposed to do. The biggest change I see is that my belly button looks more vertical. This was a major insecurity for me. CoolTone essentially lifted the look of my stomach.

An Interesting Side Effect: Some Additional Gym & Diet Motivation 

Throughout the three weeks of my treatment series, I was incredibly motivated, not only to go to the gym but to live a healthier lifestyle – particularly with food. Although sometimes the thought of “well, CoolTone is basically exercising my body, so why do I need to go to the gym today?” Those were days that I went to the gym but probably didn’t work as hard as I would have liked. If I could change anything about my treatment series, it would be to put more effort into my health journey when I was outside of the CoolTone facility.

Treatments like CoolTone are meant to emphasize the hard work you put in when living a healthy lifestyle at home. It isn’t meant to completely transform your body.

Is CoolTone Worth It?

I saw results. It made my tummy flatter and more defined and it also changed the shape of my belly button. I think they may look slight to some people, but these results genuinely helped with a long-time insecurity. CoolTone is definitely worth it for the right patient. No pain, no downtime, no scarring, and you will see muscle definition. The treatment was also quick and relaxing. Sometimes I would fall asleep to the white noise sounds of the machine.

One of the best things about CoolTone is the time it takes to see results. As soon as the paddle is removed, you can look in the mirror and see slight differences.

The real, noticeable results are seen after the initial series of six treatments, but you can continue to see improvements with further treatments. You can go as frequently as you want, so I am definitely going to periodically receive treatments.

Now I am continuing to go to the gym to maintain and enhance my CoolTone results! 

Ready To Highlight The Hard Work You’ve Been Putting In?

CoolTone can be coupled with a sustainable weight management program and other non-surgical treatments – like Kybella – to get even greater results, depending on your unique situation and goals. We invite you to get in touch with our Columbus CoolTone experts to ask any additional questions you may have about the experience and to book your first cycle!

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What Goes Into Determining Accurate Lipo Pricing 

For those looking for the cost of Liposuction in Columbus, Ohio, we have the answer: from $4,000 to $20,000 in total.

Note: This is a comprehensive estimate that includes every facet of the surgical procedure. While doing your own research, it is important to ask for these total costs and a price breakdown to get the most accurate picture of what to expect. 

Liposuction Cost Columbus Ohio

Why Is The Price Range So Wide? 

If a plastic surgery practice offers a one-price-fits-all approach to liposuction, there’s a very good chance someone is getting a bad deal somewhere down the line – and that person is most often the patient. At Donaldson Plastic Surgery, we deliver surgical options and financing plans unique to each person, their goals, and their current circumstances.

We firmly believe that this is the fairest and most equitable method of determining costs. After all, you shouldn’t be paying for extra fees that don’t apply to you! 

What Affects The Final Costs? 

It is incredibly difficult to provide a ballpark estimate without first understanding your unique goals and desires. This is why scheduling a liposuction consultation is important in order to receive an accurate quote. 

Financing Your Liposuction Procedure

There’s nothing more important than connecting on a human level and helping you make the best, most informed decision for yourself. This includes financing decisions! Many of our patients choose to finance their liposuction procedure with a payment plan. We offer a variety of different options for financing plastic surgery. Our team will work with you to help you determine which is right for you.

Discussing The Costs Of Liposuction

What Happens After That First Conversation? 

Once your surgical plan has been determined, you will meet with a surgical coordinator to go over your customized liposuction quote and look at available surgery dates. This quote stays valid for 6 months after you receive it. This means you have plenty of time to make your decision and prepare for surgery!

We require a $100 consultation fee that is collected during scheduling. This fee is applied as a credit to your account, so it goes toward the cost of your surgery (or anything else at our office).

Have Additional Questions About The Total Cost of Lipo?

We are on standby with the answers! Liposuction in Columbus, Ohio is an incredible procedure that offers long-lasting, beautiful results. Our local team is dedicated to giving you the information you need to make a well-informed decision. Remember: this is your confidence journey!

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Creating Surgical Recovery Plans That Minimize Addiction While Maximizing Comfort

Angie Scala NP

Nurse Practitioner, Angie Scala, and Registered Nurse, Shruti Lemus, participated in the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons conference in San Diego this year where they met plastic surgeons and aesthetic providers from across the nation. Presented by the industry’s top thought leaders, the seminars focused on opportunities for improvement in the art of plastic surgery.

At the conference, Angie attended Opioid-Free: A Better Way to Recovery presented by Dr. Lawrence Iteld. Dr. Iteld discussed alternative ways to achieve patient comfort and create an effective healing experience without the intensity of opioids. Her experience – combined with this new insight – inspired her to apply her advanced clinical knowledge to her Nurse Practitioner duties.

Downsides of Opioids During Recovery

Angie has witnessed the negative effects that opioids can cause patients to endure. Symptoms like constipation, drowsiness, nausea, and decreased activity can all be caused by opioid use and create setbacks in a surgical patient’s recovery. Medical professionals across fields are transitioning to new care plans that don’t include opioids. There are other ways to minimize pain and make a patient feel at ease without the downsides.

Plastic Surgery Recovery Without Opioids

Comfort in an opioid-free environment

After plastic surgery, pain relief through medication is often necessary. However, the strength of opioids can sometimes be excessive. Alternatives to opioids during post-op recovery include combinations of:

Like Dr. Iteld, Angie is an advocate for early activity and moving with purpose post-operatively to assist in a quicker and more pain-free recovery. She is also a firm supporter of homeopathic supplements and believes they should be incorporated into all patients’ post-op medication regimens.

Striving to Provide the Best

At Donaldson Plastic Surgery, we want everyone to be the best versions of themselves, and we apply that same principle to our entire practice. Our entire surgical team is continuously educated on the newest ideas in the surgical field. We aim to provide our patients with the best experience possible through the constant improvement of our processes.

Your Customized Recovery

We tailor post-operative regimens to each patient depending on their unique needs. We discuss the post-operative plan with patients, so they are aware of what to expect in terms of instructions and medication. If a patient requires additional pain relief during recovery, then their plan can be altered.

What We Do To Help Prevent Opioid Dependency After Surgery

Dr. Donaldson Explaining Surgery Recovery Without Narcotics

Every patient’s post-op experience is different. Our patient care team will prescribe opioids only if necessary – we want to ensure you are taken care of. However, many patients have reported not needing medication after 1-3 days due to low pain levels. This is due to how meticulous Dr. Donaldson and Dr. Sieffert are during surgery. When surgeons take their time, then recovery is quicker and more easily managed.

Our surgical teams already encourage non-opioid treatments. For example, we use TAP blocks during tummy tuck surgery; this safe, local anesthetic is injected during surgery and acts as a long-lasting pain reliever. We also recommend homeopathic supplements like Arnica Montana or Bromelain tablets to help with swelling, bruising, and pain.

You Can Get Incredible Results & Recover Comfortably

Your pain medication regiment is just one aspect of your customized experience at Donaldson Plastic Surgery. Your surgical journey begins with a personal consultation!

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The Information You Need to Decide Which Fat Reduction Technique Is Right For You

Diet and exercise are great, but they can’t target or spot treat fat loss. Genetics, age, and a number of other factors can get in the way of seeing your goals fulfilled. Luckily, you have excellent fat reduction options available to you at Donaldson Plastic Surgery! Two of the most popular are CoolSculpting (the non-surgical option) and liposuction (the more intensive, surgical strategy).   

Below, you will find a clear breakdown of each type of treatment as you continue to build the perfect plan to achieve your personal body goals!



We Can Help You Decide Which Option Is Best For You

Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, the fat reduction experts at Donaldson Plastic Surgery have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to both surgical liposuction and non-surgical CoolSculpting treatments. They will work with you – one-on-one – to further understand your personal goals and determine which path forward will help you achieve those goals in a timely manner (like before the big wedding or that next beach vacation)! 

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It Works – But How?

CoolSculpting is an effective fat reduction method that does not require surgery. You’ll experience no pain and no downtime, only results. This sounds almost too good to be true, right? We’re not here to tell you that it works – we’re going to show you that it does!

CoolSculpting: The Basics

From the makers of your favorite beauty enhancers (like Botox, Juvederm, DiamondGlow, Latisse, and more,), CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment that targets pockets of fat that just won’t go away despite how much you diet and exercise. After a CoolSculpting treatment, once that fat is gone, it’s gone for good.

What The Science Says

The science behind CoolSculpting is known as cryolipolysis, which directly translates to “cold fat destruction.” It was recognized and approved by the FDA in 2010. It targets and kills fat cells beneath the skin by cooling them. CoolSculpting Elite’s temperature decreases to -11°C (12.2°F). Although these temperatures sound pretty extreme, your skin won’t be injured in any way.

Inforgraphic of how CoolSculpting works

CoolSculpting Destroys 20-25% of Fat Cells

You can see results in nine different areas and you’ll see your final results in about 10 weeks when your body fully metabolizes the dead cells.

How Body Fat Works

Once we hit adolescence, the amount of fat cells in our bodies remains constant. You may be asking, “if adults always have the same amount of fat cells, how do we gain and lose weight?” Great question! Fat is stored in these fat cells, so when we gain fat, the cells expand, and when we lose fat, the cells shrink. Since we do not grow new fat cells, when CoolSculpting kills them, those cells do not return.

Popsicles & Fat Reduction: The Interesting Origin of Cryolipolysis & CoolSculpting

In 2008, Dr. Dieter Manstein and Dr. R. Rox Anderson discovered the science behind cryolipolysis. They had previously noticed that children who ate more popsicles had notably thinner cheeks than other children. The doctors wondered if the cold from the popsicles had something to do with this. Dr. Manstein and Dr. Anderson conducted tests that eventually led to the conclusion that cryolipolysis is an effective way to reduce fat.

CoolSculpting was developed using the science of cryolipolysis and has continued to advance over the years. Currently, CoolSculpting Elite is the most advanced form of fat-freezing technology, and Donaldson Plastic Surgery was the first to offer it in Columbus.

What’s the treatment actually like?

It’s easy. This is a non-surgical procedure with no downtime. You don’t have to worry about anesthesia or scars. Before being treated, you’ll set up a consultation to make sure CoolSculpting is right for you.

Man getting a Coolsculpting treatment

Your Appointment:

Patients tell us that the treatment itself is actually very relaxing, with many of them watching TV or taking naps during that time.

At your appointment, your CoolSculpting expert will start by cleansing the area. They will apply a gel pad to protect the skin from the cold temperatures, and then they apply the suction applicator. This may feel a little weird at first, but it doesn’t hurt. The area will go completely numb within minutes. Treatments typically last about 30-45 minutes

Our experts will then massage the area. Deep massage makes the treatment more effective by 67%, because it manually breaks up the fat cells.

The Spot Fat Loss Myth: Diet & Exercise Can’t Target Specific Areas of the Body

We should always practice healthy habits even when not trying to lose weight; however, when we are trying to shed pounds, diet and exercise are not as precise as we would like them to be. Weight loss can’t target specific areas. You may want to shrink your love handles, but fat leaves your buttocks instead! However, with CoolSculpting, you can create your ideal silhouette and body contour!

Up close image of coolsculpting applicator

Fat Reduction vs. Weight Loss: What The Scale Will Say

CoolSculpting is a fat reduction treatment rather than a weight loss treatment. Decreasing fat won’t drastically change your weight, because muscle weighs more than fat. CoolSculpting kills fat cells, so you’ll see a change in your appearance but not too much on the scale.

Targeted fat reduction will better help you reach your preferred aesthetic goals.

Does CoolSculpting last?

Yes! Once the fat cells are frozen, they won’t come back. The remaining fat cells can grow larger, so to maintain your results, you must continue to practice a healthy lifestyle.

Treat Yourself with CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting is scientifically proven to reduce fat. It’s an easy, non-invasive treatment that will give you real and noticeable results. Are you ready to go further and eliminate stubborn body fat for good? Give us a call at (614)-442-7610 to get started.

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Why You Should Plan Your Surgery Around Recovery – & Why Now Is The Best Time To Start 

Plastic Surgery Recovery Timelines

Plastic surgery is a journey that takes planning, so starting sooner rather than later is a great way to ensure your experience goes smoothly. By embarking now, you can get a head start learning more about your options when it comes to timing, financing, and recovery!

General Recovery Timelines

Specific surgeries will have slight differences in terms of exact recovery time expectations, but all surgeries have periods that are specific to downtime along with their own activity restrictions. Every recovery timeline will also be dependent on you. You may naturally be quicker or slower to heal than others. Our Patient Care Team is trained to understand and assist you no matter your recovery timeline!

Breast Surgery – 3-5 Days of Downtime

At about one week, you will feel almost back to normal, but you must continue to adhere by activity restrictions set by your medical team.

Plastic Surgery Experts During An Operation

Abdominal Surgery – 7-10 Days of Downtime

Similar to breast surgeries, the remainder of the month is spent getting back to feeling normal with established activity restrictions.

Facial Surgery – A Few Days of Downtime

Downtime is coupled with activity restrictions that are specific to the kind of facial surgery. The main consideration is that facial surgeries often come with swelling and bruising for the first week or two. During this time, you may want to stay at home regardless of feeling better.

Arm or Leg Surgery – About One Week of Downtime

Oftentimes, arm and leg surgeries will have more activity restrictions than other kinds of surgeries.

*Note: For the purpose of this article, “downtime” is time designated specifically for resting. This is the time when you would be taking prescribed pain medication. “Activity restrictions” refers to the time spent after downtime. This is when you would feel more able to complete everyday activities.


Asking Plastic Surgery Questions

Should I stay in a recovery center?

Our board-certified plastic surgeons recommend you heal in the comfort of your own home after surgery. Occasionally, they may recommend staying in a hotel or in a surgery recovery center (often if the patient lives far away), but that is rare.

Our team will prepare you to understand your post-operative care instructions and expectations, so you feel comfortable during your recovery period.

What are some tips to make recovery easier and/or quicker?

Why do some surgeons have different estimated recovery timelines for their patients?

Your recovery experience is directly correlated to what happens in the operating room. In general terms, when a surgeon takes their time and is very meticulous and detail-oriented during the surgery, then recovery can be easier and quicker.

When can I…?

  1. Go back to work?
    1. Stationary work (“desk jobs”): Typically, one week but sometimes two
  2. Physical work:
    1. At least two weeks, and you may have to return with activity restrictions from the surgeon
  3. Play with my kids?
    1. For the first month post-op, lifting, stretching, pulling, pushing, and bending will be restricted. Most recovery timelines include a 15-lb lifting limitation for that full first month as well. Make sure to arrange childcare help if you have young kids during your recovery period, particularly within the first two weeks.
  4. Exercise?
    1. Light exercise is okay after the first two weeks. Make sure to closely follow all activity restriction guidelines. Try to avoid raising your heart rate too much, as this can increase swelling.

Planning Around Work

The timeline for returning to work depends on the kind of surgery and what you do at work. Some recovery times only require a long weekend, whereas some may require several weeks.

How Can I Take Time Off Work For Recovery?

Your plastic surgery clinic can submit documentation to your employer to ask for time off work:

Now is the Best Time to Begin!

Beginning your surgical process now is the best way to secure your specific timeline. You can book your surgery as far out as you’d like but having your consultation sooner rather than later will ensure that you have options.

To learn more about how our surgical consultation experience looks like, click here.

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The Answers You Need & The Questions You Should Ask Yourself To Determine If Liposuction Is The Right Option For You

While the process isn’t particularly painful, Liposuction is still a fairly intense surgical procedure that requires plenty of research and self-reflection to make a well-informed decision before moving forward. You can likely find a lot of the more “procedural” answers online; a simple YouTube video search will show you exactly what the average surgery looks like.

But that’s not why we’re here! We’re here to focus on you, the person.

Thinking about liposuction

How do you see yourself? What are your unique goals? What have you tried in the past and where has that strategy fallen short? We invite you to do a little introspection with us today and determine if you’re a good candidate for this procedure.

Do You Know What Your Goals Are?

Our job isn’t to point out faults or areas that “need work.” Instead, we work with you to build the right strategy that fits your unique goals. This self-reflection is critical when supplying the answers we need to best help you!

Do You Feel Like You Just Can’t Keep Your Motivation High?

When it comes to getting in shape, Liposuction does some of the lifting for you but it can also come with a positive side effect: motivation. We have found that some patients are driven to live a healthier lifestyle after seeing their initial surgical results. If you’re inspired by changes in the mirror, this could be a great option for you – not just to get rid of extra pockets of fat but to stay motivated in the long-term!

CoolSculpting Consultation

Is Non-Invasive A Better Option For You?

Many patients come to us believing they need Liposuction to reach their goals when there are less intense options out there that can get them over the final hurdles without surgery. Liposuction is a great option for individuals who have some volume to lose in a target area. It can help even out any “bulges” that appear and create beautiful body contours.

However, if you’re just struggling to get rid of that final little bit in your abs, flanks, butt (banana roll) or thighs, CoolSculpting could be a stronger solution. This non-surgical procedure involves the freezing and metabolizing of fat cells in the body, resulting in great results for individuals who don’t need too much help in their journey!

Learn More About CoolSculpting

Are You Seeing Excess Fat… Or Just Excess Skin?

If you have lost weight in the past or recently gave birth, there’s a chance that what you’re witnessing is actually loose skin. In this case, Liposuction is not an ideal solution. We also have an entire catalog of skin tightening options to discover – from skincare products, to medspa treatments, to surgical procedures!

Explore Your Skin Tightening Options

Do You Have Realistic Expectations About Surgery?

Liposuction is a great long-term solution, but it is heavily reliant on aftercare and forming healthy lifestyle habits. It’s a unique chance to erase years of struggle and discomfort. However, the results will only last as long as the individual allows them to.

It is also important to remember that this procedure is designed to take fat away. This can naturally enhance existing features but it will not build new ones.

Are You Of Age & In Good Health?

For the most part, Liposuction can be performed on anyone regardless of age or size. However, we have found that younger patients tend to have better results due to greater skin elasticity.

We determine that a patient is in “good health” if they have no active infections, untreated cancer or other serious medical conditions. An ideal candidate does not smoke or drink heavily. Our board-certified surgeons will ensure that you don’t have any adverse reactions to anesthesia before proceeding. Liposuction is not considered safe for pregnant women and we typically wait for a patient to complete breastfeeding before opting for this procedure.

Our team will also work with you directly to help determine if you are in an ideal mental state to make your final decision.

Confident woman on treadmill

Do You Want To Feel Confident & More Comfortable In Your Own Skin?

Your comfort, your confidence – that’s why we do it! This decision is about how you feel every step of the way, from the beginning research phase, to the initial consultation, to the surgical experience, to routine follow-ups to make sure you’re satisfied with your results.

At Donaldson Plastic Surgery, we carry this patient-driven approach with us when discussing your goals and when it comes to our before and after photos philosophy. Looking at naked pictures of strangers that don’t look like you isn’t going to give you a strong indication of what your results can be. That’s why, during your private consultation, we will present before and after pictures that look closer to your body type and your desired figure!

Do You Want to Feel Understood, Prepared & Empowered?

If so, we want you to choose Donaldson Plastic Surgery for your Liposuction in Columbus, Ohio! We are uniquely equipped to answer all of your questions and create a clear path forward toward achieving your goals. Our goal is to boost your confidence – not just with our incredible lipo results but also when it comes to helping you make the right choice for your body! 

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All Of Your Skin Tightening Options, In One Place

Aging, pregnancy, weight gain (or loss), hormones, genetics, medical conditions, lifestyle factors, and sun exposure can all contribute to drooping skin. Treatments for tightening the skin, however, are more difficult to identify. Reversing the skin’s natural processes can be challenging, but there are several truly effective skin tightening solutions at Donaldson Plastic Surgery that you should know about.

We’re here to answer two questions:

  1. What treatments & procedures are out there specifically to tighten skin? and
  2. which ones are the most effective?
Patient with tight skin smiling

The Most Effective Treatment For You Depends on Skin Laxity & Elasticity

Whether a treatment will be effective or not varies from person-to-person, depending on two things: the level of skin laxity (mild, moderate, or severe) and the overall elasticity of the skin. For example, an individual in their 20s or 30s with mild or moderate loose skin will have relatively higher skin elasticity and, therefore, will be more likely to see loose skin improve over time with regular non-invasive treatments.

Moderate to severe skin laxity is more common among individuals in their 50s or 60s. This population is more likely to have relatively lower skin elasticity, so their skin may be less responsive to non-surgical treatments. In this case, surgical skin tightening may be a more effective path to correct your concerns.

No matter your concerns or what level of loose skin you have, we have the tools to help you address it. Our team of experienced aesthetic specialists is here to help you identify what level of treatment is right for you to tighten loose skin of the face, neck, and body — all the way from result-driven products to our surgical skin tightening procedures.

Skin Care Solutions & Medspa Treatments

Our Medical Aestheticians Tatjana and Nikki recommend a combination of at-home care and professional Medspa treatments to correct mild to moderate loose skin of the face, neck, and body. Listed below is a powerful collection of medical-grade skincare products that you can use to improve skin elasticity, visibly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and combat signs of aging.

Topical Products:


All of these products, including the facial and body rollers, are available for purchase by phone or in person.

Microneedling treatment being performed

Medspa Treatments:

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Non-Invasive Skin Tightening Treatments


Non-invasive skin tightening treatments like Ultherapy are more targeted and go deeper to address the underlying causes of mild to moderate loose skin. Ultherapy is a non-surgical skin tightening and lifting treatment that uses ultrasonic energy to send waves deep within the skin that stimulate collagen production. Because it works on a deeper level than other treatments, Ultherapy is a great preventative treatment for individuals seeing the beginnings of aging skin, rather than a fix to severe sagging or wrinkling. It is primarily intended to lift and tighten the skin of the brow, chin, jowls, neck, and upper chest, but can also be used to target other specific areas of concern.


Halo laser treatment

Halo Laser Skin Resurfacing is a hybrid fractional laser treatment that addresses a number of visible skin concerns and offers skin tightening benefits from inducing collagen production in the healing process. For patients with mild to moderate skin laxity, Halo can result in more youthful, tighter-looking skin. Although the Halo laser is not primarily for skin tightening, patients usually see and feel a skin tightening effect. Wrinkles and fine lines are addressed with Halo, as well as other signs of aging, problematic skin texture, scarring, and sun damage. Other benefits of Halo include minimal downtime and a noticeable improvement of skin a just a couple of days. You can schedule Halo with Adrienne, Paige, Stacie, or Angie.

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Minimally-Invasive Skin Tightening Treatments

Renuvion (J Plasma) Skin Tightening

Renuvion (also known as J Plasma) is a minimally-invasive procedure that uses a combination of radiofrequency energy and helium gas to virtually tighten the skin of the face, neck, and body. A wand emitting the stream of energy is gently passed underneath (in some cases overtop) the dermal layer to cause contraction of the skin. Results can be seen immediately, but dramatically improve over time. See what one patient has to say about her chin liposuction and Renuvion results with Dr. Sieffert!


Botox and fillers are not “skin tightening treatments”, but they do offer benefits that address signs of mild to moderate skin laxity, which is why we include them here.

Aging skin can cause wrinkles, folds, and droopiness to form, which can be corrected using minimally-invasive injectables like Botox and dermal fillers for the face. Botox works by softening the appearance fine lines and wrinkles in the skin by relaxing the muscle underneath that causes the crease to form. Fillers restore volume under the skin to an area where volume has been lost and skin has begun to droop or fold as a result (ex. the jawline, or nasolabial folds and marionette lines). Neither injectable treatment is used to reverse skin laxity, but they can help to improve common concerns associated with it.

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Surgical Skin Tightening Procedures

Tightening a surgical glove

To successfully treat more significant loose skin, surgery is usually the best option.

With surgical skin tightening procedures, excess skin is removed surgically and the remaining skin is re-draped tighter than before. This option is the gold-standard is for patients who have moderate to severe skin laxity as a result of aging or weight loss but can be ideal for mild to moderate skin laxity as well.

Here are some of our most effective surgical solutions performed by Dr. Donaldson & Dr. Sieffert.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a procedure in which excess skin and fat are surgically removed from the abdomen (and the underlying muscles tightened) to improve its contours. Stretched skin in this area will not always retract on its own, making surgery the only option to return the abdomen to its original form.

Anyone who has undergone pregnancy or weight loss, or who just simply struggles with excess skin of the belly, can benefit from this kind of surgical tightening. Scarring for a tummy tuck is minimal and easily concealed with undergarments or bathing suits, and our tummy tuck patients are thrilled with their results. Their only regret is they wished they had done is sooner!

Body Lift

A body lift, or circumferential body contouring, is a procedure in which excess skin of the entire abdominal front, back, and sides is removed for a tighter trunk. Usually performed on individuals with severe skin laxity of the body, this procedure is common amongst individuals who have undergone significant weight loss and are left with excess skin as a result. A body lift can also encompass surgical tightening of multiple areas including the arms, chest, upper and lower back, buttocks, and thighs — the surgery is always customized to address the patient’s concerns.

Arm and Thigh Lift

Arm lifts and thigh lifts are procedures in which sagging excess skin of the upper arms and thighs is removed, often solving cosmetic concerns of the colloquial “bat wings” and sagging skin of the inner thighs and above the knee. They can be performed individually or together, depending on a patient’s wishes. These two areas are very likely to loosen with age, so the majority of arm and thigh lift candidates simply wish to see their extremities restored to a more youthful-looking state. Scarring is likely to be visible in these areas, so please discuss your concerns with your surgeon prior to surgery.

Face and Neck Lift

Facelifts and neck lifts are also common amongst individuals with concerns of drooping skin. As exterior representations of how we present ourselves to the world, the areas of the face and neck are often ones of prime importance — but, unfortunately, they can be some of the first areas to show the effects of aging. In a facelift and/or neck lift, excess skin is excised by your surgeon and the skin is laid tauter than it was before. Specific areas like the lower or upper face can be targeted, as in the case of a brow lift. Scarring is very discrete and easily concealed.

Eyelid Lift

Upper and lower blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, are surgical procedures in which excess skin of the upper and lower lid is carefully removed, and the remaining skin joined back together for younger, fresher-looking eyes. If you have what some might describe as overly-hooded eyes, or suffer from large bags underneath, you are likely a good candidate for an eyelid lift. Sometimes fat pads in the lower eyelid may also be removed to reduce puffiness. The procedure is straightforward and scarring is virtually invisible.

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What Is The Difference Between Liposuction & A Tummy Tuck? 

Liposuction removes excess fat from a specific part of the body. A Tummy Tuck is a more thorough, stomach-focused procedure that involves the removal of excess fat, removal of loose skin and the reconstruction of the abdominal muscles. 

Liposuction surgeons using a cannula

A Closer Look at Liposuction 

Liposuction is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure designed to help a patient target fat loss in problematic areas – usually in the stomach, thighs, back and/or arms. First, a small incision is made before a metal tool (called a “cannula”) is inserted into the desired area. The cannula is attached to a suctioning device. The liposuction surgeon proceeds to move the tube back and forth, breaking up fat cells and removing them from the body. 

While specific techniques can vary, the process as a whole has become safer, more efficient and more comfortable for patients over time. Liposuction is an excellent option for those looking to get over the final stubborn hurdles of their weight loss, fitness or self-confidence journey. 

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Tummy Tuck Surgeons Performing Procedure

A Closer Look at Tummy Tuck Surgery

The Tummy Tuck (also known as Abdominoplasty) is a procedure that is more intensive when compared to Liposuction because it not only removes fat from the abdominal area but also removes loose skin and restores weakened stomach muscles to create a more defined and contoured look. 

Once a patient is fully anesthetized, a horizontal incision is made across the lower abdomen from hip to hip, then a vertical incision is made between the belly button and the first incision above the pubic mound. The abdominal skin is then lifted, underlying muscles are sewn together and repaired while the belly button is preserved. From here, the upper abdominal skin is pulled down and the excess skin – with attached fat – is trimmed away. The surgeon may also couple the Tummy Tuck procedure with Liposuction to remove even more fat from the body. Once completed, the incisions are closed using sutures, adhesives and/or clips.

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Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction

How To Decide Which Is Right For You

While the Tummy Tuck is typically reserved for higher volume needs, mothers often opt for this procedure as it can help remove excess skin and repair the abdominal wall post-childbirth. Liposuction is the ideal choice for patients who are close to reaching their goals but can’t quite get over that final hurdle. A non-surgical option called Coolsculpting may be an excellent option for those who are close to their goals and are simply looking to reduce fat in a specific area – instead of seeing a number change on the scale! 

Have additional questions about the differences between Tummy Tuck and Liposuction? Our experts are on standby to put your mind at ease and help figure out which procedure is best for you and your goals! 

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The Sexual Wellness Benefits of “O-Shot”, Explained by An Expert

Sexual Wellness Benefits of O-Shot

PRP for Sexual Wellness, (commonly known as the “O-Shot” or the “orgasm shot”) is a rising non-surgical procedure designed to increase sexual desire and function using PRP. Known at Donaldson Plastic Surgery as PRP for Sexual Wellness, it is a simple, effective vaginal rejuvenation solution with incredible benefits. Enter Stacie Isler, our plastic surgery PA who performs PRP for Sexual Wellness and other PRP-related treatments. We asked Stacie about PRP for Sexual Wellness and how the treatment is helping Columbus, OH individuals lead more satisfying and fulfilling lives.

How Does it Lead to Better Sex?

Essentially, PRP for Sexual Wellness (commonly referred to as the “O-Shot”) is your ticket to naturally experiencing longer, stronger, and more frequent orgasms. The platelets extracted from your blood stimulate cell growth and increase blood flow back to the areas we want to reinvigorate. This leads to greater sensitivity and an increased ability to reach (and maintain) arousal and lubrication.

Is the “O-Shot” Worth It?

If you are seeking more fulfilling sexual encounters, then the PRP for Sexual Wellness treatment will definitely be worth the trip. Our patients (and even members of staff) who have received the treatment describe it as very effective. They are surprised that such a quick treatment can have such a powerful outcome and the speed at which they began to notice the onset of results.

The “O-Shot” is for Lovers

Better sex can result in more restful sleep, lowered stress levels, better overall mood, increased personal confidence, and deepened relationships with the ones you love. That said, sexuality and desire are complicated concepts, also informed by elements of social, emotional, psychological, environmental, and biological factors. Stronger, faster orgasms are possible outcomes with the “O-Shot”, but overall sexual satisfaction depends on your unique situation.

Why We Promote Sexual Wellness

We don’t just focus on a single part. We treat all of you. As clinicians and individuals, we value your sexual health and wellness, just as we value the mental, physical, and emotional health of all of our patients. We understand that health and happiness are intimately tied; if you are feeling your best, it reflects in all areas of your life. That’s why we focus on result-driven solutions like PRP for Sexual Wellness, as well as diVa, diVaTyte, and labiaplasty, as a part of our mission to improve overall confidence.

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