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Capital Style, March/April, 2010 – Dr. Donaldson and his patient were featured in “The Mommy Makeover”

March 15, 2010

Dr. Donaldson and his patient were featured in a Capital Style magazine article, “The Mommy Makeover”. Following is an excerpt – Click for a PDF of the full article.

Columbus Ohio Capital Style Magazine - The Mommy Makeover

“The outpatient surgeries usually last a few hours under local anesthesia and leave scars that are hidden by a bathing suit. The recovery time—typically one or two weeks without work or chasing kids and just gradual exposure thereafter—can be especially difficult for a mother with young children.

That’s according to Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson of Donaldson Plastic Surgery on Sawmill Road, who did Fischer’s surgery. He sees a wide range of women who are interested in “mommy makeover” surgeries, he said, including recent empty-nesters ‘ready to do something for themselves.’

Of course, most surgeons suggest that women work on dieting and exercise before scheduling a procedure.”

See a PDF of the full article