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Columbus, Ohio, Breast Augmentation: Now I can fill out a bathing suit!‬

June 15, 2011

After having my daughter a year ago, I decided to get breast augmentation. I found Dr. Donaldson online. When I came in, everyone was really nice: the receptionist was nice, and the nurses were nice. The surgery went really well, there were no complications, I don’t remember anything. After leaving the hospital, I was in a surgical wrap for about a day. Then I went in and saw him again and he took it off and right away I could tell the results were gonna be great. They didn’t look fake, they weren’t super high up on my chest like some women’s can be if they go to someone else. I didn’t have to take my pain medication – I really had no pain at all. A couple days ago, I went out to buy bathing suits and I love the way they fit on me, I don’t look like a little boy anymore. I feel like a woman so thank you Dr. Donaldson.

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