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Columbus Plastic Surgeon Demonstrates BOTOX Treatment For Hyperhidrosis

December 18, 2013

Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson of Donaldson Plastic Surgery recently appeared on WTTE FOX28’s Good Day Columbus segment to discuss the use of BOTOX to treat excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis. On live television, Dr. Donaldson demonstrated how the injectable procedure is comfortably performed in the armpit of a patient volunteer.

“In patients with hyperhidrosis, the chemical signals that control sweating are constantly active,” said Dr. Donaldson. “BOTOX interrupts those signals and effectively prevents or eliminates sweat.”

Excessive sweating reportedly affects 1% of the U.S. population, and is most common in the armpits, hands and feet. It often causes embarrassment and anxiety with negative impacts on social and professional circumstances. But as Dr. Donaldson recently explained, BOTOX provides a straightforward and durable treatment option that “turns off” sweat glands for up to one year.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of BOTOX to treat excessive sweating in 2009. A typical treatment is quick, lasting about five minutes per area, and consists of multiple injections laid out in a grid-like pattern. Results are usually observed within several days, and last an average of 9-12 months, though some patients may be able to go as long as a year and a half between treatments. Most patients report little to no pain associated with the procedure when appropriate anesthetic cream and cold-therapy is applied, and the most common side-effect is mild bruising.

Those interested in this form of treatment can learn more by visiting the website. Appointments can be scheduled by calling Donaldson Plastic Surgery at (614) 442-7610. The practice is located at 4661 Sawmill Rd., Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43220.

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