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Tummy Tuck Patient Chooses Dr. D. Because of his Experience with African-American Patients, she says

Although impressed with before and after pictures she saw, the real reason Tummy Tuck patient choose Dr. Donaldson is because of his experience with African-American patients. “I was concerned about how my scar would look, she says. The patient described Dr. Donaldson as awesome. “Everybody made me feel comfortable. And remarkably, after surgery was way better than I expected. I wasn’t in as much pain or discomfort as I thought. I’m almost a month, and so far, very excited about my results.”


Dr. Donaldson Helps Patient who, for 30 Years, has Wanted to Correct Scars Left from C-Section

Giving birth to twins 30 years ago, patient was left with a large vertical C-Section scar that she always told herself she would someday fix. With the help of Dr. Donaldson, patient made the very personal decision to have the procedure. Months after the surgery, patient states, “I’m completely happy that I did it. I’ve been wanting it done for a long time. And even just one month after their surgery, I look down and I see something that is recognizable to me from before I had my kids.”


Tummy Tuck & Breast Augmentation Patient Loves How She Feels & is Amazed by Before & After Pictures

Losing nearly 100 pounds, Jennifer experienced issues with sagging skin, which led to painful and uncomfortable rashes and infections. After speaking with a former patient, Jennifer decided on a tummy tuck and breast augmentation procedure with Dr. Donaldson to tighten up her body. “I am now four months out and I love the way I feel! I love looking at myself. I’m just amazed from my before pictures to my after pictures”, she states.


3 Things To Consider When Selecting a Surgeon to Perform Your MTF Top Surgery

The chest can cause a significant amount of discomfort and distress for transgender individuals. The breasts, in particular, are one of the most gender-identifying features and should strongly reflect a person’s identity. Top surgery (breast augmentation) can provide a transgender woman with the shapely, feminine breasts she desires to better match her gender identity.


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