Belotero Balance

Do you have fine, superficial wrinkles on your face, forehead or lips? Have you ever had Botox, Restylane or Juvederm, and still noticed skin lines that won’t go away? Belotero Balance may be your best solution.

The FDA approved Belotero Balance as an injectable filler for fine lines in December, 2011. Manufactured by Merz – the maker of Radiesse – Belotero Balance is a cross-linked form of hyaluronic acid that is naturally found in the collagen of human skin. It is safe, consistent, and does not cause allergic reactions.

Belotero is very similar to Restylane and Juvederm; however; it may be injected much closer to the outer layers of the skin. It acts as if it is thinner, spreading more into the tissue with variable particle sizes that conform to the interstices of skin cells and pores to create a smoother skin texture. In contrast, the “thicker” consistency of Restylane and Juvederm make it only suitable for deeper injection so it is not seen as a bluish collection in the skin (Tyndall effect). Dr. Donaldson prefers Belotero for the most etched-in, surface type of skin wrinkles that are not candidates for Botox and Juvederm, or persist despite them.

Dr. Donaldson will help you evaluate whether Belotero is right for you during your consultation. If it seems appropriate, you may elect to have your injectable treatment on the same day. Often, Dr. Donaldson will start by applying EMLA local anesthetic cream to the affected area so it is more comfortable and numb. Next, he will inject Belotero Balance under magnification to ensure the proper technique. Finally, he will show you your results, in real time, before applying a cold compress.

No recovery is required – many patients come for Belotero treatment over their lunch break. The treated area may be slightly pink or red for an hour or so, and occasionally a small bruise will develop that lasts a day or so. Your results will likely last six months or more, depending upon the area.

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