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Uncomfortable With His Chest, Patient Turns to Dr. D. & After 6 Weeks, Feels Absolutely Amazing!

For many years, I’ve actually struggled with covering up my chest. My size was challenging — probably for 25 years to be honest with you.  I saw an ad on Facebook and I thought, “I’m gonna check it out.” So, I came in about seven months ago and met with Dr. Donaldson and staff.

Still very scared to have the surgery done but I called one day and said, “do you have any appointments scheduled for December?” and they said, “Yep, we have one for the 20th.”  I was still very anxious about it but the surgery went great. Recovery was wonderful. Very little pain. I was off of the pain medication within about six or seven days completely. Follow-up appointment after one week was great; they took the drain tubes out. Actually, I had stage four so it was pretty invasive, but I’m six weeks out and I feel absolutely amazing.  I’ve dropped a shirt size and I’m just excited to see how it continues to develop.

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