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Patient shares touching experience after choosing Dr. Sieffert for her breast reconstruction

Hello everyone, my name is Elisa. About a month and a half ago, I had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction by Dr. Sieffert. I found her through my breast surgeon, whose name is Dr. Oostra, and they frequently operate together. That’s how I found Dr. Sieffert. I knew that, when I met her, she was 100% my girl that I wanted to bring with me on this journey. I knew that she was my girl because she was so compassionate and kind, and I feel like every single time I’m in this office, each one of the staff, and especially Dr. Sieffert, really listen to me. This experience can be very scary at times, and so I feel like this office is a place of peace, which is why I love it so much. And I just want to say that to any other women that have been diagnosed with breast cancer, especially young women, I just want them to know and be affirmed that they are beautiful and it is not a death sentence to be on this journey. I want to reaffirm other women that they are made for greatness, and that these challenges in life are really forging you for greatness. I believe the group here at Donaldson Plastic Surgery has really helped me along that journey. And so, I hope this gives you comfort, whoever’s watching this.

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