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One Patient Couldn’t Be Happier About Her Decision to Work With Dr. Donaldson

Hi, I’m Dana. And, I was recommended to Dr. Donaldson from a family member who had rhinoplasty a few years back, and I decided I wanted to do something about my mid-section. And, I decided to go to three different plastic surgeons to get some, to choose one. And, Dr. Donaldson was the first one I went to, and they were, the staff and him, he was just wonderful. And, I was really concerned about getting back to work. He assured me that I’ll ease back into it and in a couple weeks, you’ll be surprised. And I was like, “umm.” But, I went and made my appointment. Well, back up, I decided not to go—I liked him so much that I decided to just stick with him. Because I felt, “This is it right here. I trust this doctor, and I’m gonna go with him.” And I’m so glad that I did. Two weeks after my surgery, I was back to work and I felt good. It’s been four months, and I feel great, and I’m so happy that I did this. My clothes fit better. I’m more confident. I’m soon to be 58 years old, so I thought, “It’s either now or never.” And I’m so glad I did it. I just feel good, and I even feel like I stand up straighter and everything. Thank you Dr. Donaldson.

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