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Tatjana’s newest products will take your current skincare routine to the next level.

These reimagined products go beyond basic skin maintenance. They fill in any gaps in your skincare routine to truly treat the skin with what it’s missing.

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The Skincare Line

With the launch of Tatjana’s new products, you are able to address more specific concerns. All products have been hand-picked by Tatjana to produce results that exceed your expectations.

Retinol + Bakuchiol Treatment Serum

Age-Defying Retinol Eye Cream

Firming Neck Cream

Mineral SPF 50 Spray

Lash Enhancing Serum

Age-Defying Hand Cream

Antioxidant Calming Moisturizer

Pigment Correcting Cream

Here To Enhance Your Daily Skincare Routine

The newest lash and skincare products from Tatjana by Donaldson Plastic Surgery, along with the original line, are medical grade and potent while remaining non-toxic, hormone-free, and safe for the body on a topical and internal level.

Boost the Benefits of the Products You Already Own, Including Tatjana’s Original Products:

Original Tatjana Skincare Products

Your Overall Health Is Our Priority

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and what you apply topically can impact your health. Products enter your bloodstream, which can have positive and negative effects on the body in the long run. This is why using quality ingredients is so vital. Tatjana equates the products we use as nourishment for your skin cells. If skincare is like food for the skin, then the ingredients must be safe and healthy.

Something for Everyone

When developing her product selection, Tatjana wanted something for everyone. She created a line with variety that would accommodate a wide range of skin types, interests, and budgets.

All Tatjana products will always have something in common: quality. The ingredients inside are effective, potent, and safe for all aspects of your health. While choosing these medical-grade ingredients, Tatjana was also able to maintain an affordable price point for her patients.

Meet Tatjana!

Donaldson Plastic Surgery has been honored to have Tatjana and her 25 years of aesthetic experience as our Senior Medical Aesthetician! Her passion, work ethic, and overall expertise are a just few reasons why her patients return time and time again and have been for the past five years at DPS.

Tatjana is able to truly treat your skin topically as well as below the surface. With over a decade of experience in the spa industry as well as ten years of training in dermatology, Tatjana performs a variety of offerings to provide the greatest benefits to you.

Education is at the forefront of Tatjana’s work. She is always taking initiative to learn more about aesthetics and skincare because she truly lives and breathes what she does. For years, Tatjana has been spreading her knowledge along to her patients to inform them about the importance of quality products and treatments to improve their skin and their bodies!

Tatjana’s Mission

Tatjana embodies the concept of when you do what you love for a living, you never work a day in your life. Learning about skincare and teaching others about it is her true passion. Because of this, she is always motivated to learn more.

Tatjana volunteered with the James Cancer Center for five years working with the “Look Good, Feel Better” program. This is one of her most fulfilling experiences, as she helped cancer patients find their confidence again. In a time of uncertainty and vulnerability for these patients, Tatjana was able to educate them about skincare and beauty techniques to help them feel beautiful. Tatjana carries these goals into her work with DPS- her mission is to guide her patients to become the most confident version of themselves.

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PRP for Hair Restoration Review

One Patient Shares His Experience With This New Hair Restoration Technique

I started noticing a “maturing” hairline around age 24. At 27, there was some thinning and that’s when the insecurities started to flood in. What could I do to stop it and potentially get some of it back? I tried everything I could find (that didn’t break the bank) – dermarolling, Finasteride, collagen supplements, etc. Nothing really worked. 

But at age 30, I started hearing more and more about PRP for hair restoration

So, I scoured the Google results, YouTube videos and Reddit threads looking for “real” testimonials. What I found was twofold: one group clamored for the treatment, calling it a miracle cure (but they obviously had some additional work done); the other side baselessly claimed that PRP was a waste of money without ever actually trying it out. 

I’m a real person who underwent four real sessions of PRP treatments for my hair – and this is what it really did for me! 

What My Results Looked Like 

After Third Treatment
Before First Treatment

(Full disclosure: I’m not bald. That’s not who PRP is for anyhow and it is very important to know that before going down this path.)

I was looking for a solution that would stop the thinning, mitigate the shedding and maybe even give me back some of what I lost. I can confidently say that PRP did just that. However, it didn’t just magically give me the hairline I had when I was 18! 

I didn’t notice much growth after the first month, but something did change – my daily shedding decreased dramatically. Around month 2 or 3 was when the bit of regrowth started to happen. There wasn’t too much regrowth in the temple or hairline region, but the crown? The crown started sprouting new life, filling in the spaces that freaked me out when I saw pictures of myself from behind (and slightly above).

Three months after my final session, I’m still enjoying some regrowth in the crown region, increased hair growth in areas right outside of the crown and decreased shedding/loss along the hairline. 

PRP Hair Restoration After
After Third Treatment
PRP Hairline Before
Before First Treatment

The Process, From The Eyes of a Normal, Non-Scientific Person: 

PRP Hair Restoration Process

After a few conversations about my hair loss and a quick examination of what I had left/my future trajectory of loss, it was fairly obvious that I was a good candidate for PRP. From there, I went into the Donaldson Plastic Surgery office, met with Stacie and then she drew my blood. 

She put the syringe into a centrifuge-looking machine where it spun for a solid 18 minutes or so. My blood was separated, essentially, into two different parts – the darker stuff that they inject into my scalp and the magical cooling, transparent plasma that they use at the end. 

How It Felt: Not A Walk In The Park, But Also Not That Bad 

The needle was loaded up and it was go-time. Now, this wasn’t exactly the most comfortable thing. If your pain tolerance is low, you may opt for something called “Pro-Nox” – a VERY fast-acting sedative that you inhale. I tried it once and I felt completely normal in less than 20 minutes. It works fast and fades quickly. 

Stacie covered the most prominent problem areas – the crown, the temples, the part and creases. The crown didn’t hurt all that bad, but the temples were tough. Luckily, they also gave me a stress ball to squeeze and they really don’t care if you curse while they get the job done. When there was about 25% of the syringe left, Stacie asked if I was comfortable enough to continue and if there were any areas she wanted me to double up on. We kept going, adding a bit more into the front hairline. 

What My Recovery Looked Like

Recovery actually begins when you’re in the chair. They take the leftover clear plasma that was centrifuged out at the beginning and place it all over your scalp. There are no words to describe how relieving that feeling is. Once this was done, I was out the door and ready to face the day. The whole ordeal took about 45 minutes or so. 

A word from the wise: bring a banana (or something else with a bunch of sugar) and a ton of water with you. I was on the keto diet during one of my sessions and the loss of blood left me in a weakened state. 

And Then There’s Nutrafol 

The good folks at Donaldson suggested I supplement my treatment with a few bottles of Nutrafol. These are, in my words, a blast of every vitamin that could possibly help your hair grow – faster, stronger and just more. They are some pretty large pills and they will also make your nails grow quickly but I believe the one-two punch of these and the PRP injections did everything I needed it to do. 

Learn More About Nutrafol Here

What PRP Is & Isn’t: My Personal Philosophy on PRP for Hair Restoration After Having It Done 

PRP Hair Loss Injection

PRP is NOT a miracle cure for male pattern baldness nor is it going to give you a glorious Mario Lopez hairline. PRP IS an amazing option for people noticing moderate thinning in the crown and a receding hairline! It really helps to stop the bleeding and even fills in some of the gaps. I would take PRP injections once every six months forever if it meant keeping my hair and not having to take a daily pill that can carry some hefty side effects. 

Speaking of which…

Why I Ultimately Chose PRP vs. Finasteride 

If you’re a guy over the age of 25, you’ve probably been inundated by advertisements for solutions to hair loss. Every podcast, commercial break and Internet ad is designed to blanket a large demographic of dudes, hoping to poke at just enough insecurities to get someone on some hair retention supplement for life. 

We know the brands. We know the game. 

Well, I bit the bullet and tried one of the pill-based options for about 9 months. The results were fairly negligible, but the side effects were downright disastrous for me. One of the most talked about negative effects is on sexual wellness – that didn’t happen. What did happen were these intense, hours-long panic attacks and bouts with anxiety that didn’t really clear up until six months of ditching the prescription. 

As noted earlier, I’m not exactly bald – I’m just losing some of what I’ve got and I want to keep what I have forever. With Finasteride as a no-go, I dug for other options. PRP started showing up in hair loss threads, so I decided to give it a shot. Another option is full on hair transplant surgery, which I may consider in the distant future. 

For now, I’ll be happy with the recovery and, most importantly, the halting of hair loss that PRP has given me! 

What Is The Difference Between Liposuction & A Tummy Tuck? 

Liposuction removes excess fat from a specific part of the body. A Tummy Tuck is a more thorough, stomach-focused procedure that involves the removal of excess fat, removal of loose skin and the reconstruction of the abdominal muscles. 

Liposuction surgeons using a cannula

A Closer Look at Liposuction 

Liposuction is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure designed to help a patient target fat loss in problematic areas – usually in the stomach, thighs, back and/or arms. First, a small incision is made before a metal tool (called a “cannula”) is inserted into the desired area. The cannula is attached to a suctioning device. The liposuction surgeon proceeds to move the tube back and forth, breaking up fat cells and removing them from the body. 

While specific techniques can vary, the process as a whole has become safer, more efficient and more comfortable for patients over time. Liposuction is an excellent option for those looking to get over the final stubborn hurdles of their weight loss, fitness or self-confidence journey. 

Learn More About Liposuction
Tummy Tuck Surgeons Performing Procedure

A Closer Look at Tummy Tuck Surgery

The Tummy Tuck (also known as Abdominoplasty) is a procedure that is more intensive when compared to Liposuction because it not only removes fat from the abdominal area but also removes loose skin and restores weakened stomach muscles to create a more defined and contoured look. 

Once a patient is fully anesthetized, a horizontal incision is made across the lower abdomen from hip to hip, then a vertical incision is made between the belly button and the first incision above the pubic mound. The abdominal skin is then lifted, underlying muscles are sewn together and repaired while the belly button is preserved. From here, the upper abdominal skin is pulled down and the excess skin – with attached fat – is trimmed away. The surgeon may also couple the Tummy Tuck procedure with Liposuction to remove even more fat from the body. Once completed, the incisions are closed using sutures, adhesives and/or clips.

Learn More About Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction

How To Decide Which Is Right For You

While the Tummy Tuck is typically reserved for higher volume needs, mothers often opt for this procedure as it can help remove excess skin and repair the abdominal wall post-childbirth. Liposuction is the ideal choice for patients who are close to reaching their goals but can’t quite get over that final hurdle. A non-surgical option called Coolsculpting may be an excellent option for those who are close to their goals and are simply looking to reduce fat in a specific area – instead of seeing a number change on the scale! 

Have additional questions about the differences between Tummy Tuck and Liposuction? Our experts are on standby to put your mind at ease and help figure out which procedure is best for you and your goals! 

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