As a Columbus, Ohio, plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson meets patients that need his help after losing dramatic amounts of weight. While liposuction is one of the most popular procedures he offers, Dr. Donaldson consults with patients looking into a wide variety of procedures involving plastic surgery. Columbus, Ohio, native Ed Davenport was one of those patients. After losing 315 pounds through diet and exercise, Ed turned to Dr. Donaldson for body lift surgery to help remove excess skin and fat from his body.

The dramatic transformation took discipline and strength. Ed weighed 560 pounds at his heaviest. His weight was the result of a food addiction. Ed would sometimes eat close to 8000 calories a day. Many of his friends and family members expressed their concern that he would eat himself to death. His doctor warned that his Type 2 diabetes and liver damage could send him to an early grave. Ed managed his weight loss the old-fashioned way, through a healthy diet and exercise. He unloaded all of the junk food out of his house and only stocked his cupboards and refrigerator with healthy foods. He also started aquatic therapy. After 17 successful months, he added weight training to his routine. He lost 315 pounds but was left with sagging skin on various areas of his body.

Dr. Donaldson performed a full body lift. The procedure was essentially an extended tummy tuck, removing skin from the back, buttocks, and around the abdomen. He removed over 20 pounds of skin and fat from Ed’s body. Now, he can truly enjoy the hard work he’s put into turning his life around. While he will still require knee surgery because of damage suffered prior to losing the weight, his diabetes is in remission and he feels great!

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The 2012 Consumer Choice Awards has recognized Columbus, Ohio plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson as a recipient in the category of Cosmetic Surgery. Both he and his staff are proud to have delivered exceptional care to the patients who have walked through their doors.

So, how do you win a Consumer Choice Award? It starts with dedication to your patients. The men and women who have worked with the local plastic surgeon highly rated his approach to the doctor-patient relationship. This includes his level of communication, his bedside manner, his commitment to follow-up care, the quality of his offices, and the courtesy of his office staff. Survey Sampling International then conducts a comprehensive and objective polling study to identify those plastic surgeons that have provided their patients with the exceptional care and service. Out of over 830,000 doctors reviewed, only five percent receive this award.

When you come to Donaldson Plastic Surgery, you will be shown respect and genuine care by every member of the staff. Both Dr. Donaldson and his staff work hard to create the right environment so that you feel comfortable discussing your personal goals. Every patient’s surgery is customized to address his or her unique needs and desires. With that personalized approach, they are able to closely meet the patient’s expectations for results.

When looking for a plastic surgeon, Columbus OH, residents are welcome to discuss their aesthetic goals with Dr. Donaldson. You are sure to be impressed by his skill, experience, kindness, and compassion.

Donaldson Plastic Surgery recently earned the coveted 2012 Angie’s List Super Service Award. The award is given to the top 5 percent of all companies rated on Angie’s List, the nation’s leading provider of online consumer reviews, which serves more than 1.5 million paid households. The distinction is not easy to obtain. Strict eligibility requirements must be met, including a minimum number of reports, an excellent plastic surgeon customer rating, and strict adhesion to the operational guidelines of Angie’s List.

Several years ago when plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson decided to launch his own practice, he knew one simple philosophical caveat would govern his business — go above and beyond what’s expected. This meant staying abreast of innovative surgical procedures, products, technology, and safety issues. Today, that philosophy was lauded for Dr. Donaldson and his staff. Angie Hicks, founder of Angie’s List, personally praised these businesses: “It’s a select group of companies on Angie’s List that can claim the exemplary customer service record of being a Super Service Award winner.”

Dr. Donaldson has always strived to transcend technical skill with empathy and compassion for each patient, and he believes that the Super Service Award reflects this philosophy. “Our patients have given us this award through their wonderful comments and feedback,” says Dr. Donaldson. “When they are thrilled enough to share their experience, then we have reached our goals.” Come see for yourself why the practice has earned this unique distinction. And don’t forget to check out the reviews on Angie’s List!