Donaldson Plastic Surgery

Donaldson Plastic Surgery is proud to announce the addition of our
newest staff member — Bobbie McKinley. Bobbie is a native to the
Columbus area, raising three children here.

“I first met Dr. Donaldson at the surgery center, where I had the
privilege of scrubbing in with him on a regular basis as a surgical
technician. I have worked with many plastic surgeons over the years,
but have never been more impressed by a surgeon’s skills in the O.R.
or by his compassion at the bedside. I was thrilled by the opportunity
to join Dr. Donaldson’s practice. Now I am with him and our patients
in the office, as well as in the operating room, so it gives our
patients real continuity in their care,” Bobbie explains.

Dr. Donaldson says: “Bobbie is absolutely wonderful! Patients who saw
her around the time of surgery used to wish they could see her during
their recovery — now they do! We feel lucky to have her on board,
and patients feel the same.”

Skin care has always been another passion for Bobbie. She previously
worked with Bare Minerals cosmetics and has been hooked ever since.
She loves helping women achieve the best skin possible and seeing
their transformations, especially when combined with other cosmetic
procedures. Her clinical knowledge gives her an understanding of
treatments for fine lines, sunspots and various complexions. Her
favorite product line?… Seraphim.

Dr. Donaldson carries Seraphim exclusively, which is a prescription
strength skin care line that is formulated to give women beautiful
skin with minimal peeling, flaking or redness. Bobbie explains, “I
feel like a walking testimonial to Seraphim skin care products. I wish
I had done my own before and after photos — you’d be convinced too!
People ask me all the time what I’ve done and it’s just this amazing
regimen. We’ve had a lot of word of mouth patients asking for

Whether she is helping you with your skin or answering your questions
about surgery, you will immediately appreciate Bobbie’s addition to
the staff at Donaldson Plastic Surgery.

Donaldson Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson of Columbus, Ohio just co-authored a chapter in
a Brazilian textbook about cosmetic surgery. Together with Dr. Foad
Nahai of Paces Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia, he shared an
innovative technique for performing brow lifts and blepharoplasty.The traditional approach to browlifting requires long scalp incisions.
Drs. Donaldson and Nahai, who are strong proponents of minimally
invasive procedures, have described a small-scar browlift through a
blepharoplasty (eyelid) incision.  This typically results in less
pain, shorter recovery time, a reduction in blood loss and no
disruption to the hairline. Dr. Donaldson hopes that by publishing the
intricacies of this procedure, it will allow other surgeons around the
world to adopt this less invasive method.Dr. Donaldson has authored several scholarly articles and presented
his work at national and international meetings. The additional
exposure of his innovative approach in the publication “Surgery of the
Frontal Region” further contributes to this recognition.

Donaldson Plastic Surgery

Columbus, Ohio, plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson, is honored to
be the first solo practice plastic surgeon in central Ohio to receive
Allergan Diamond Level status, which is reserved for the top 1% in
sales of all accounts across the nation. Allergan is the health care
company behind cosmetic surgery products such as BOTOX, Juvéderm,
Latisse, and implants for breast augmentation. Previously in
Columbus, this distinction has only been given to group practices that
combine the productivity of two or more surgeons — very few single
practice surgeons in the country achieve Diamond status.

It’s a testament to the expertise and dedication of Dr. Donaldson and
his staff that they have reached Diamond Level, which is attained by
practices with a strong focus on cosmetic facial and breast surgery.
Dr. Donaldson says about the products used in his practice: “Interest
in plastic surgery has exploded in the last 10 years with the
proliferation of minimally-invasive injections such as BOTOX and
Juvéderm. These products have reached new patient populations and they
help me to achieve excellent results. Similarly, breast implants are
safer and more natural than ever before, and a new generation of
patients are thrilled with their outcomes.”

It is often difficult to identify which surgeons have successful,
high-volume practices, and this is one objective measure. Donaldson
comments: “Having reached this volume of business with the
manufacturer is an achievement to share with my current and
prospective patients. They can now feel even more confident in the
level of expertise that my staff and I provide.”