The winter season has arrived! And it may be time to wake up your appearance with fresh face and skin treatments available at Donaldson Plastic Surgery under the trained aesthetic eye of Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson.  Now you can purchase gift certificates for friends and family too!

‘Tis the Season

columbus ohio Juvéderm®

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes holiday parties, seeing old friends, catching up with family and taking holiday photos.  Lots of holiday photos.

You want to look and feel your absolute best by always look refreshed and youthful. No one wants to be immortalized in holiday pictures as the person who looks mad or angry all the time or worse yet, as the person who looks ten years older than they actually are. This season, get rid of those frown lines, wrinkles and facial parentheses with BOTOX and Juvéderm! There are not any better minimally-invasive products on the market than BOTOX and Juvéderm.

BOTOX works wonders by smoothing out the deep expression lines and furrows around your eyes and forehead, worry lines between your eyebrows, and the bunny lines above the nose. You can diminish the look of existing wrinkles, and more importantly, in some cases actually prevent wrinkles from forming before they appear.

Juvéderm is an FDA-approved injectable facial-filler that is leading the fight against fine lines and wrinkles. Containing Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Juvéderm helps restore the elasticity and firmness of your skin, giving you a refreshed and natural look. This minimally-invasive procedure has become popular because patients have very little or no down time after the injections. And the newest version, Juvéderm XC, even has active numbing medicine in it which helps maximize patient comfort.  Lasting up to a year, you can make this part of your annual holiday to-do list, which will enable you to be the envy of every soiree, from Christmas to Thanksgiving and back again.

Contrary to popular belief, BOTOX and Juvéderm both allow you to show emotions and provide you with a full range of facial movements. The only difference you’ll see is exactly what you don’t want – no more smile lines or frown lines. The thin creases you see at the corner of your mouth will also begin to vanish and you can throw away your lip plumpers and concealers, as your lips will be pretty and full and the dark circles under your eyes will fade away!

This holiday season, with a quick trip to Dr. Donaldson, you’ll be smiling in all those holiday photos knowing that you look your best!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

columbus oh face lift

Old man winter has descended upon us, and with it he has brought dry hands, cracked skin and itchy flaky spots. But this year you can fight the cold weather and the damage it brings upon your body with Seraphim Skincare.

Seraphim Skincare provides prescription-grade skin products that will change the look, feel and texture of your skin. Indulge yourself with this line of luxurious and exclusive line of products for skin care. You can begin to blend away years of environmental and weather damage, like sun damage, to achieve a beautiful natural glow all year-round.

As we get older, our skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity. Sun exposure can lead to premature aging, like wrinkles, and also cause changes in pigmentation, like age and brown spots. Now pair that with the havoc the dry and freezing weather that the winter brings, and it’s no wonder that your skin can be overwhelmed with damage.

Additionally we have to deal with the fact that our collagen production decreases with age, which ultimately leads to wrinkles and poor skin tone. As time passes, your skin will accumulate more damage if left untreated. But that doesn’t have to always be the case. If you properly maintain your skin, it will actually begin to repair itself!

If you are in need of some serious spa-like microdermabrasion that you can perform in the comfort of your own home, then inquire about “Seraphim Exfoliating Cleanser” and “VIC Cloth.” Perhaps, this winter has you yearning for a treatment that rebuilds your collagen deposits and also removes sun spots. Then, the “Seraphim Peel and Bleach” is the right treat for you. But maybe your skin desires some extra luxurious moisturizing cream. Then the “Seraphim Indulgence Cream” is your best bet to defend your skin from the winter blues and help keep it refreshed and radiating beauty.

Seraphim Skincare is similar to Obagi, but it is simpler, gentler, and the best part – it’s less expensive! Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, it’s time to indulge yourself with a little bit of luxury – Seraphim Skincare.

New Year – New You

columbus ohio facelift

Ring in 2011 with a more refreshed look. Many patients opt to have facial surgeries, like facelifts and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) done over the winter holiday season. Patients often choose this time because it gives them enough downtime to fully recover before going back to work or hitting the social circuit again. And when they do return, coworkers, friends and even family members comment on how refreshed they look from returning from their vacation!

Let’s explore these two different procedures a bit more in depth:

Eyelid Surgery

There are a few types of eyelid surgery that will help you achieve different aesthetic goals. If you have excessive sagging or a winkled lower or upper eyelid, then you might consider having an eyelid lift. This procedure is ideal if you no longer have your natural eyelid crease because of puffy fat pouches.

Once completed, an upper eyelid lift will leave you with a more refreshed and youthful eye area. Additionally, this procedure can help restore your vision if it is being impaired or interfered with by your upper eyelid skin. If your face seems tired or aged because of dark circles or puffy fat in the lower lids, then a lower eyelid lift will provide a more youthful and rested appearance.


If you have lost skin elasticity and muscle tone of the face and neck, appear to have jowls or deep creases between the corners of your mouth and the base of your nose or over the years you have developed facial and neck wrinkles that make you look exhausted or sleepy, then a facelift might be the right option for you.

Like eyelid surgery, there are a number of different facelift procedures that might be a fit for your own personal aesthetic goal. While these can range from quick sutures to full facial rejuvenation, one rule that remains true is that shorter procedures yield less lasting results.

A common fear that patients have regarding facelifts is that the procedure will produce unnatural looking results or leave the patient with a face that is stretched too tight and looks taut. That just simply is not the case. Dr. Donaldson is highly trained and performs procedures that yield extremely natural results with hidden incisions that are often very difficult to find. You’ll have coworkers, friends and family wondering what your secret is!

This winter holiday is the perfect time to inquire about a facelift or eyelid surgery. So start 2011 off on the right foot – with a more restful looking you!

Our next newsletter will feature breast and body procedures that will have you in tip-top shape for spring break and beyond!

Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson, informs women of the options available for inverted nipple surgery. Columbus, Ohio, plastic surgeon, Dr. Donaldson explains that women with inverted nipples often do not know that a corrective, minimally-invasive surgery is available for this condition.

Columbus, OH, December 07, 2010 ( — Many women have inverted nipples for a variety of reasons. Whether due to congenital events that start with fetal development or because of trauma or breastfeeding, inverted nipples can be uncomfortable and disfiguring. For patients interested in nipple surgery, Columbus, Ohio, plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson, has a practiced technique that is quick, effective and virtually painless.

“While it isn’t as common as some other breast surgeries, nipple repair is becoming much more popular,” Dr. Donaldson reports.

Donaldson continues, “Women born with inverted nipples often do not realize that there are cosmetic options to improve their appearance and self-esteem. Women who experience changes or damage due to breastfeeding, such as puckering, dimpling or flattening, are thrilled to be able to recover their natural breast shape and contour.”

It is important to keep in mind that inverted nipple repair surgery can interfere with future breastfeeding and there is a small risk of nerve damage resulting in altered sensation. However, these side effects are rare in nipple surgery. Columbus, Ohio patients of Dr. Donaldson are assured that the outpatient procedure is straightforward with minimal discomfort and recovery.

“There is only one needle tip-sized incision per side,” Dr. Donaldson says. “This allows me to free the tethered ducts that are causing the nipple to invert and retract into the chest. I release the nipple to its natural and extended position before placing one supportive stitch per side. It’s really a simple process with dramatic results.”

For more information on inverted nipple surgery, Columbus, Ohio, plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson, invites you to visit his website at or contact his office at 614-442-7610 or Donaldson Plastic Surgery, 4661 Sawmill Road, Columbus, OH 43220.

About Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson:
In private practice in Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Donaldson is a fellowship-trained surgeon with subspecialty-fellowship training with some of the most influential leaders in the plastic surgery field. He teaches medical students, resident surgeons and serves as a media expert on a variety of plastic surgery topics. In 2010, Dr. Donaldson was honored with a Patients’ Choice recognition.